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Trieste Contemporanea: dialoghi con l'arte dell'europa centro orientale
videospritz #3: things to do in buenos aires
breda beban presents her new film for gallery

from September 17th 2008 to September 17th 2008

Wednesday 17th September 2008 at 7pm

Breda Beban
Things to Do in Buenos Aires
film for gallery, 2008, mini DV cam, col., 21’’
filmed, in Argentina, produced & directed by Breda Beban
Exploring the idea of filmmaking as an aliby for hanging out with perfect strangers,
"Things to Do in Buenos Aires" has found its story during the process of production.

videospritz #3
a Trieste Contemporanea production
in association with the cultural association Anno uno
curator Dubravka Cherubini
a Continental Breakfast project
with the participation of Casa dell’Arte Trieste
sponsor Enoteca Bere Bene Trieste