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Trieste Contemporanea: dialoghi con l'arte dell'europa centro orientale
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  • suddenly everything disappears
    a site specific art project by tomislav brajnović and igor eškinja
    from November 14 2015 to January 6th 2016
  • before numbers. continental breakfast 2015
    in trieste the second part of the cei venice forum for contemporary art curators
    from October 23rd 2015 to October 24 2015
  • zipped worlds
    Breda Beban, Dario Belić, Emma Ciceri, Fabrizio Giraldi, G.R.A.M., Borut Krajnc, Paula Muhr, Adrian Paci, Eva Petrič & Laurent Ziegler, Metka Zupanič
    from September 5th 2015 to November 4th 2015
  • andrea guerzoni
    from August 27 2015 to September 3rd 2015
  • alban muja
    from brotherhood to brotherly love
    from June 7th 2015 to July 22nd 2015