Trieste Contemporanea dicember 2002 n.10/11
La Rivista

Europe at work
  The results of the First CEI Venice Forum
Working towards a permanent network
  The main commitment of the CEI in cooperation activities
Culture in Europe
  Jerzy Onuch explains the international network i_CAN
Information exchange
  The art system scrutinized by the participants of the First CEI Venice Forum
Curators face to face
Trieste Contemporanea
Dialogues with the Art of East Central Europe
Six-monthly cultural magazine edited by Comitato Trieste Contemporanea
dicember 2003 N12/13
registered at Tribunale of Trieste n.916 (1995. 10.31)
Enrico Tantucci
Editorial staff
Giuliana Carbi, Giampaolo Coral, Franco Jesurun, Corrado Premuda
Alessandra Knowles

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  Croatia: what has changed in the art field
Finances for culture
  The contemporary art situation in Slovenia on the threshold of the European Union
Imperative: to be connected!
  A report from the forum of the eighth Istanbul Biennial
The future of curatorial management
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Translated by
Alessandra Knowles, Susan Cassidy
courtesy: the authors, Ufficio Stampa
La Biennale Venezia, Giuliana Carbi
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