How to upload your Squeeze it video clip on Vimeo

  1. Go to and login with your username and password.
    If you are not registered, you can sign up here:

  2. Click on Upload a video button.

  3. Click on Choose a video to upload. Then select the video file from your computer and click on Upload selected videos button.

  4. Now your file is uploading on Vimeo (it may take some time according to the file's size and your Internet connection speed).
    While you are waiting, click on Privacy tab.

  5. Select Only people with a password and type squeezeit in the password field.
    In this way, your video clip will not be public nor listed on Vimeo channels. To insert this password is mandatory.

    Please note that it's very important to set the privacy and the password of your video otherwise it cannot be considered unpublished as required by the Squeeze it notice.
    Remember also not to share your video on the web or social media.
  6. When your video has been uploaded, open it and copy the URL you see in the address bar of your browser.
    You can also find your link in the Share window.

  7. Paste your video's URL in the Squeeze it application form.


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