design for food

SkabarFirst prize ex aequo
Erika Skabar, Fruit-dish of ice UMA, water container (zinc sheet mould for ice)
First prize ex equo "for the creation of a virtual object made for decorating the table which utilizes an unusual yet functional procedure".

Erika Skabar (Italy, 1966) graduated in Architecture in 1994 at the IUAV of Venice. She collaborates professionally with various studios of architecture, favouring those dealing with landscape architecture. In 1994 she found the group of landscape planning, SEC.

GajewskaMagdalena Gajewska, Untitled, table nutcracker (brass)
First prize ex aequo for "an object which notwithstanding its exploitation of a technology that has already been widely used, presents a formal study of extreme eurhythmy". in brass.

Magdalena Gajewska (Poland, 1973) studied in the Department of Interior Design and Industrial Design at the Fine Arts Academy of Poznan where she received her diploma in the summer of 1998, thus qualifying in "Master of Fine Arts" and "Industrial Designer". In the last years of study she received important scholarships from the Fine Arts Academy of Poznan and from the Polish Ministry of Culture.