eatable glass

200 designers from Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Polony, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Ukraina and Hungary took part in this edition of the contest dedicated to blown glass.
The candidates were asked to submit a project for any type of functional tableware item, i.e. for use in setting out and displaying food and drink for dining, to be executed using the blown glass technique and eventual cold-crafting finishing techniques.


Francesco Maria Gamba, capogruppo (I/CH), Davide Fornari (I) e Federico Saurer (CH)First prize ex aequo
Francesco Maria Gamba, group-leader (I/CH), Davide Fornari (I) and Federico Saurer (CH), Caffè in vetro (Coffee in glass), espresso cup and saucer
“which reclaimes the use of glass for coffee cups (as used centuries ago in the Mediterranean area before the cheaper potter) and underlines the varying ways of interpretation offered by the Murrina technique.”

Tiina SarapuFirst prize ex aequo
Tiina Sarapu (Estonia), Roundelay, set of five containers for the table
“because of the good run of contemporary linear design into the Muranese tradition and because of the extention to many functions of a common idea.”

Elisa RescaldaniBeba Award For The Youngest Designer
Elisa Rescaldani (Italia, 1981)
Inversamente (Inversely), set of plates

Lorena MaticFondazione CRTrieste award for a designer from Trieste
Lorena Matic, Doppia coppia (Double couple)
set for oil, vinegar,salt and pepper

Other finalists

Lorenzo Bonini (Italy)
Redondo, cutting board for polenta

Annika Giesbert (Germany)
FruiTable a trilogy for dessert, three stacking containers for dessert

Grazia Patruno (Italy)
Porta fiori freski,
container for ice from which water passes into the flowerpot

Simic Vukasin (Serbia and Montenegro)
Cokanj, glass for rakija

Designers invited hors concours

Piero Lissoni, Asimmetrica (Asymmetric)
vase and serving plate

Marta Laudani, Nix-Nivis

Pietro Lunetta, Miele (Honey)
set of seven multipurpose trays

Yoichi Ohira, On a summer night with the full moon
bifunctional object: bowl-vase

Maurizio Pellegrin, Pane, acqua e… (bread, water and…)
bread basket, pitcher and multipurpose container

Alfredo Pirri, Mostra-Uovo (Exhibit-Egg)

Paolo Rizzatto, Candelabro con paralume troncoconico
(Candelstick with frustum light-guard)

Paolo Ulian, Fruit-dish for the table

Additional special mentions

Patrizia Baldan (Italy), Niuka
Aldo Magania (Italy), New Egg
Emanuele Belgrano (Italy), Oui