functional small-size object

LazeticFirst prize
Tanja Lazetic (Slovenia, 1967), fruit bowl made of wood and rope
the panel of judges – Otakar Diblik (Czech Republic), Grega Kosak (Slovenia), Milena Lamarova (Czech Republic), Mario Romanelli and Gigetta Tamaro (Italy) – motivated their decision saying that Lazetic’s entry was an “effective and resource-saving composition”

FraisSecond prize
Jan Frais (Czech republic, 1978), snowboard legshield

Three Italian Region section award
Paolo Bellini (Padova, 1956), bottle opener
Maurizio Martinelli (Trento, 1959), handle
Giulio Stagni (group leader, Trieste 1955), spectacle frame with interchangeable ear pieces

Special mentions
Enzo Berti and Paola Bonora (hors concours)
Sabina Bonfanti, Franco Calenda, Franca Dolcetta, Erica Michelini, Beppe Rocco and Leonardo Salvadori