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LipinskaFirst prize
Anna Lipinska, Just Toys (wood, string and cardboard)
Wooden discs attached to a string on a cardboard stand with various holes made to receive the discs with the right, skillful movements.
“First prize for the ludic power of the creative idea, the technological simplicity, and the low cost of realization”.

Anna Lipinska (Poland, 1971) Diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Industrial Design, June 1996. Collaborates as designer in the display sector. In June 1994, participates in a study course at the Department of Industrial Design of the National College of Art in Dublin. In 1995 takes part in the Smirnoff International Fashion Awards competition.

MicheliniSecond prize
Erica Michelini, Tile (panels of expanded polyester)
Tiles decorated in three different colors that when put together form chess-boards for the floor.
“Second prize for the creative idea along with the experimental use of materials”.

Erica Michelini (Italy, 1964) Designer; Diploma in 1994 from the I.S.I.A. of Florence. From 1990 exhibits pictorial works in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In September 1995, participates in the 1st International Competition of design promoted by Trieste Contemporanea with the work "Giramisù", obtaining an "honorable mention" from the jury.