To exalt the search for modern formal quality, in the vast typology of receptacles destined to contain liquids, a new design for a vessel for drinking, with or without a foot, is requested. The vessel is a theme par excellence in the history of glass production and palestra of its modern renewal. As inspiration, the competitor may use principles and conceptions that refer to symbolic meanings of the Grail in the various traditions and legends. Projects which are innovative in their exploration of the behavior of light in contact with glass will be particularly taken into account.

The international jury is composed by Gillo Dorfles (President of Jury), Aldo Colonnetti (IED Director), Barbara Fabro (CEI), Lia Ferrari (Io Donna-Corriere della Sera), Renzo Ferro (Anfora Furnace), Branko Franceschi (HDLU), Silvio Fuso (Director of the Ca’ Pesaro Museum of Venice and of the Glass Museum of Murano) and Puccio Migliaccio (Glass Historian).

The first prize “Gillo Dorfles” (4000 Euros) was given “for its innovation” to the project of the Roman Architect Stefano Suarez: the shape of  a rigorous and geometric goblet is hollowed out in a block of class and is colored by the light filtering from the outside. It is a tough challenge for a glass master.

Stefano Suarez - Photo Marino Ierman

The prize CEI (3000 Euros), for the best designer coming from one of the CEI countries outside of the European Union, was given to the Serbian artist Vladimir Stankovic, who proposed a cone with a spiral inserted in a cubic base.

Vladimir Stankovic - Photo Marino Ierman

The prize BEBA (1000 Euros), for the youngest selected artist, was given to the young Turkish artist Aysenaz Toker (born in 1984) who designed an original teacup/goblet.

Aysenaz Toker - Photo Marino Ierman

The other selected projects were designed by Enrico Venturini (Italy), who received a special mention by the jury, Carlo Allegri (Italy), Rok Bogataj (Slovenia), Dagmar De Paolis (Italy), Davide Di Donato (Italy), Ana Paula Ferrua (Italy), Frank Gaerntner (Germany), Anette Kithier (Germany), the group Peter Lehocky and Michan Poracky (Slovakian Republic), Emanuela Marassi (Italy), the group Velentina Milani, Elisa Biondi and Simone Pellicono (Italy), Laura Pellicciari (Italy), Alessandro Rech (Italy), the group Jens Rohdenburg, Sven Fischer and Feliz Herten (Germany) and group Diego Zanella and Graziella Giacobbe (Italy).

The final exhibition in Ca’ Rezzonico, Venice
The final exhibition in Stazione Rogers, Trieste

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