Trieste Contemporanea november 2001 n.8
La Rivista

Venice Dossier
  Themes and contributions
The Venice Forum
  Giuliana Carbi
A wind blows from the east
  Giuliana Carbi
The phenomenon of the "pavilion-less"
  Paul Hartig
Targeting the media
  Resources and directions in the promotion of culture
The issues at stake
Trieste Contemporanea
Dialogues with the Art of East Central Europe
Six-monthly cultural magazine edited by Comitato Trieste Contemporanea
november 2001 N8
registered at Tribunale of Trieste n.916 (1995. 10.31)
Roberto Curci
Editorial staff
Giuliana Carbi, Giampaolo Coral, Franco Jesurun, Alessandra Knowles
Alessandra Knowles

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Contributions to the debate
  For a new operative model of cooproduction
  Developing landscapes
Old walls and new spaces
  Trieste Contemporanea 2002
Fifth International Design Competition
via del Monte 2/1, 34122 Trieste
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Translated by
Alessandra Knowles, Liana Rotter
Photos by
Andrea Lasorte, Tiziano Neppi, Claudio Tommasini
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Studio Link,Trieste (
Graphart snc , Trieste
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