4 may 2017

eighth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators: programme

harbour for cultures. continental breakfast 2017.

Venice, Palazzo Zorzi, May 12th, 2017 [2–7 pm]
2–2:15 pm – registration
2:15–2:30 pm – welcome speeches
Franco Bernabè, president of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO
Barbara Fabro, senior executive officer of the Central European Initiative 
Giuliana Carbi, president of the Trieste Contemporanea Committee 
2:30–3:45 pm – a view from the H/C sea
Beral Madra (Turkey) – Preservation versus Gentrification.
Iara Boubnova (Bulgaria) – About Dehistorialisation of Art. 
Maren Richter (Austria) – The Island is what the Sea surrounds.
Azra Akšamija (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – A Port for Transcultural Transfers.
Shamina de Gonzaga (USA) – Towards a Harbour for Cultures – exploring the myth of legitimacy; identifying new rites/rights of passage.
3:45–5 pm – H/C perspectives, part 1 (*): 
Paola Bristot (Italy) 
Maja Ćirić (Serbia) 
Călin Dan (Romania) 
Sandro Droschl (Austria) 
Branko Franceschi (Croatia) 
Lilia Kudelia (Ukraine/USA)
5–5:45 pm – H/C poster work
Elisabetta Porro (Italy), Port plans
Barbara Holub and Paul Rajakovics (Austria), introduction to H/C poster work

5:45–6:45 pm – H/C perspectives, part 2 (*): 
Antal Lakner (Hungary) 
Ana Peraica (Croatia) 
Başak Şenova (Turkey) 
Miranda Veljačić (Croatia) 
Janka Vukmir (Croatia)  
Mick Wilson (Sweden) 

6:45–7 pm – Venice closing discussion (**) 


(*) these contributions are based on the six H/C questions of an open call which the Venice Forum will launch.

(**) a second session of the Forum will be held in Trieste in Autumn.


updated [May 11, 2017]