17 november 2007

2007 young european artist trieste contemporanea award

my sunshine, nikola uzunovski (macedonia)

from 1st December 2007 to 2nd February 2008
Trieste Studio Tommaseo (via del Monte 2/1)

My Sunshine

curator Massimo Premuda

The Macedonian artist Nikola Uzunovski, winner of the 2007 Young European Artist Trieste Contemporanea Award, will present in Trieste, in a sort of work in progress, his work “My Sunshine”, a possible utopian project, between art and science, visionary ideas and social issues, poetry and hypertechnology. Uzunovski, class 1979, that studied the problems related to light in the Arctic Polar Circle during an artistic residence in Lapland, intends to realize “artificial suns” in these areas and to present in Trieste a project that aims at the possibility of giving Lapland urban populations extra hours of light during the dark Winter. On the occasion of the award, that every year promotes on the international artistic scene a young Central Eastern European artist, Mr Uzunovski will develop for Trieste Contemporanea a very suggestive display, that consists of creating a sort of Science Research Laboratory in which he will perfect the realization of his flying spheres capable of reflecting sunlight and will propose a series of meetings, scientific examinations and deepen researches on their technical feasibility gathering the opinions of scientists, astrophysicists, environmentalists and other analysts. With reference to the work done in Trieste the artist will also develop a study on the possible physical, psychological and social impact that this experiment could have on the inhabitants of the Arctic areas selected for the positioning of these “suns”. 

from Monday to Saturday, 5-8pm – free entrance

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