8 december 2007

my sunshine


Friday, 30th November 2007, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste: we fixed-up an equation, which allows the approximate computation of the balloon’s height, with the aid Professor Gordana Omanovic, Abdus Salam ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics).

Saturday, 1st December 2007, opening of “My Sunshine”, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste: with the participation of Professor John Miller, SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies), we introduced new parameters in order to improve the precision of the computation of the balloon’s height.

Tuesday, 4th December 2007, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste: with Professor Pierdavide Coïsson, Abdus Salam ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics), we worked out the height of the sun-ray that reaches the Polar Arctic Circle on the 22nd December. We obtained a very heigh value (24.000 m). With the passing of the days this value will decrease.

Thursday, 5th December 2007, Abdus Salam ICTP and SISSA, Trieste: we calculated, with Professor Miller, 5 different height points starting from the Polar Arctic Circle (1°-2°-3°-4°-5°) with manual calcula; with Professor Omanovic we corrected the equation in order to compute the angle of the of the sun-ray, because it is not perpendicular; with the aid of Professor Coïsson, we obtained some variables in graphic form. They are updated to the last calcula corrections.