24 april 2008

amplessi, solo exhibition of dino tamburini

opening Thursday 24th April, 6pm

Dino Tamburini’s solo exhibition at the Studio Tommaseo displays the artist’s latest series of large format drawings, which are the intense result of his 2008 research, based on graphics and not on architecture, analyzing and synthesizing until abstraction the joints of volumes and shapes. The artist could not resist his usual irony –this time focused on himself and on his mature age -and the subject of his exhibition are the transformed, interpenetrate and sculptural figures of the lovers’ “Amplessi”(“Embraces”, from which derives the title of the exhibition), full of sensuality. Emanuela Marassi pays homage to Dino Tamburini, anomalous representative of the Triestine culture, presenting to the exhibition two marquetries in wood representing the artist’s drawings.

supported by Casa dell’Arte