22 october 2008

the new chinese shadows

the young video art of peking

"Tan Tan”, a frame from (Eng. trans.)
Spending a minute with sixty people

Trieste Contemporanea continues its successful appointments with Video Art. The Triestine committee, which has for some years now dedicated the exhibition videospritz®  – International encounters of Video Art (complete with aperitif as a finale) to the video production of Eastern Europe, has now ventured into the Far East: an important incursion in the young Chinese Video Art is scheduled in Trieste from November 24 through 29. The program, selected by sinologist Vittorio Tantucci, will include about twenty artists, many of which from the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts of Peking, and a series of video works made within the last 2 years and which have not yet been seen outside of China.
Noteworthy in the rich program of the Chinese week in Trieste are the two monographic exhibitions dedicated to two prominent names in the panorama of emerging Chinese artists,  “Tan Tan” and “Liao Wen Wen,” as well as the section dedicated to the animation videos which will propose unusual works in which the formal character of the lines recalls the Chinese sensitivity for its calligraphy.
Also of particular interest, among the vast amount of material of study which will be exhibited, is the interview with Tantucci for CCTV, the national Chinese television, given by “Zhu Qi”, one of the major Chinese critics and theorist of the so-called “Chinese artistic capitalism”.  He is also known in Italy for having organized the great exhibition “China XXI Century” last Spring, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.  “The dimension of the real China, from social realism to the works of the past”, states “Zhu Qi”, “has already exited from the circle of Chinese contemporary art.  Probably it’s in the videos and in the new media art that this separation has not yet occurred. Here a tie can be seen between the works and the Chinese reality to which they make reference.”

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