2 march 2009

the new chinese shadows at the venice academy

i mercoledì dell'accademia: the young video art of peking

The New Chinese Shadows, the successful appointment with the Video Art produced by Trieste Contemporanea, curator Vittorio Tantucci, goes on at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. The Venetian institution will propose a program specifically selected for I Mercoledì dell’Accademia in which will be possible to see the videos of twenty artists, many of which from the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts of Peking, and a series of video works made within the last 2 years and which have not yet been seen outside of China. Noteworthy in the rich program of the Chinese week in Venice are the works of two prominent names in the panorama of emerging Chinese artists,  “Tan Tan” and “Liao Wen Wen”, as well as the section dedicated to the animation videos which will propose interesting works in which the formal character of the lines recalls the Chinese sensitivity for its calligraphy.

title: THE NEW CHINESE SHADOWS. The young Video Art of Peking
event: I Mercoledì dell’Accademia
venue: Accademia di Belle Arti (Venezia – Dorsoduro, 423) – Aula Magna – 5pm
three days: March 4th, March 18th, April 1st

curator: Vittorio Tantucci

artists: “Chen Hai Lu”, “Chen Qiang”, “Gao Wen Dong”, “Jiao Yan”, “Liao Wen Wen”, “Mao Yong Hua”, “Song Song”, “Tan Tan”, “Wendy Kuan”, “Wu Qiu Yan”, “Xu Jian”, “Yang Fan”, “Yao Ping”, “Yonga”, “Yuan Bo”, “Yu Si Ming”, “Zheng Zhong”, “Zhu Rong”, “Zhu Yu”

"Zhang Mei Jie", a frame from (Eng. trans.) One phrase for life


WEDNESDAY, March 4th, 5pm
presentation by the sinologist Vittorio Tantucci

China and Tradition
The only way China of Arts has to be effectively international is this: to be able to rediscover its roots creatively, as a teen-ager does looking for his parents. (Wu Jian Xin)

"Tan Tan", Qianmen Yidian / Qian Men Hotel No. 1 (2007, 16’24’’)
"Chen Hai Lu", Duihua / Conversation (2008, 2’)
"Lin Zhe Le", Repanda (2007, 6’25’’)
"Wu Qiu Yan", Wu / Understand (2008, 3’27”)
"Yu Si Ming", Yuan / Circular (2008, 3’29”)

WEDNESDAY, March 18th, 5pm

China in the Mirror
The dimension of the “True China”, of the Socialist Realism we can find in the old art pieces, has withdrawn now from Chinese contemporary art. Perhaps this split hasn’t happened yet just in video production and New Media Art in which you still can find a tie between artworks and the Chinese reality they refer. (Zhu Qi)

"Tan Tan", Baicai / Chinese cabbage (2007, 33’11’’)
"Tan Tan", Yu 60 Ren Gongdu Yi Fenzhong / 1 minute spent with 60 people (2007, 6’58’’)
"Zhang Mei Jie", Duanyu weisheng / One phrase for life (2006, 12’)
"Gao Wen Dong", Xi Hai Cun / Xi Hai Village (2006, 31’)

WEDNESDAY, April 1st, 5pm

Shadows and Chinese
“To hint” is translated with the two characters “An Shi” into Chinese. That literally stand for “let things turn from darkness up”: the meaning becomes a play of shadows and lights. (Vittorio Tantucci)

"Zheng Zhong", Jinyu / Gold Fish (2006, 8’53’’)
"Liao Wen Wen", Wo zai zheli / I’m here (2006, 2’02’’)
"Yuan Bo", "Jiao Yan", Tiantang de Jieti / Stairway to heaven (2008, 8’53’’)
"Liao Wen Wen", Ao Wu (2006, 1’39’’)
"Chen Qiang", Geli / Cut Out (2007, 29’)
"Zhu Yu", Ying / Shadows (2008, 2’)