26 may 2009

cei venice forum: the programme

june, the 3rd 2009

9:30 am – Breakfast and Registration

10:00 am – Welcome Speeches
Amb. GERHARD PFANZELTER, Alternate Secretary General, CEI-Executive Secretariat
Mr CARLO MONTANARO, director, Venice Academy of Fine Arts
Ms GIULIANA CARBI, president, Trieste Contemporanea Committee
10:20 am – First session
Ms DEA VIDOVIĆ (Croatia), Double edged sword. Re-thinking the treats to creativity and innovation
Ms SUZANA MILEVSKA (Macedonia), The Relevance of Gendered Interpretation of Art in Contemporary Transitional Societies
Ms KATI SIMON (Hungary), And where should we Hungarians line up? Facing the past – chaos in the social thought
Mr BENIAMINO FOSCHINI (Italy), Is still art an aesthetical choice?
Mr BALAZS BEOTHY (Hungary), On voices
Ms EVA FABBRIS (Italy), The bunker of the visual
Mr GIOVANNI MORBIN (Italy), Superficie Totale (Total Surface)
Mr DENIS ISAIA (Italy), The Second Moon
Mr KAMIL KOPANIA (Poland), Forms of artistic innovation – what does practice say? (on the ground of BiaÅ‚ystok experiences)
Ms ADRIEN TÖRÖK (Hungary), Newest developments in presentations of video and media art in Hungary
Mr DEJAN SLUGA (Slovenia), Practices in contemporary photography in South Eastern Europe
Mr FABRIZIO GIRALDI (Italy), Photocrisis
Mr MICHAEL FLIRI (Italy), Myself in the role of the Work of Art
Ms MARIA VASSILEVA (Bulgaria), Creativity as a survival tool
Mr BRANKO FRANCESCHI (Croatia) /Session chair, Against The Grain 
1:00 pm – First Session Discussion
1:30 pm – Lunch
2:30 pm – Related Projects
Ms ALMUT SH. BRUCKSTEIN ÇORUH (Germany), The Taswir Project – Pictorial Mappings of Modernity and Islam
Ms BERAL MADRA (Turkey), Istanbul 2010 Portable Art Project
3:00 pm – Central Asia Special Session
NAZIRA ALYMBAEVA (Kyrgyzstan), MURATBEK DJUMALIEV (Kyrgyzstan), ALMAGUL MENLIBAEVA (Kazakhstan), GREGORY MAMEDOV (Tajikistan), BERAL MADRA (Turkey)/Session chair
4:00 pm – Second Session
Ms BREDA KOLAR SLUGA (Slovenia), When museum meets innovation
Ms NATAŠA IVANÄŒEVIĆ (Croatia), ‘Heresies’. Bringing to life a revolutionary model of museum presentation of photography
Ms SANDRA KRIŽIĆ ROBAN (Croatia), Forgetting Everyday Life
Mr JURAJ ÄŒARNÝ (Slovakia), Crazycurators and Superartists
Ms JULIA TROLP (Germany), From IKEA to reality and back again
Ms MARINELLA PADERNI (Italy), The creativity in the age of the Open Source culture
Mr LORENZO FUSI (Italy), ‘World Trade Centre 2006’ by Chris Mourkabel
Mr ALEKSANDER BASSÄ°N (Slovenia), Looking for answers on more or less rhetorical questions-written contribution
Ms DOBRILA DENEGRI (Serbia), When Multitude becomes Form-written contribution
Ms GIULIANA CARBI (Italy)/Session chair

5:30 pm – Second Session Discussion
6:00 pm – Closing Remarks

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