18 may 2011

the programme of the 2011 cei venice forum

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WELCOME SPEECHES: 10-10.20 am 

Mr Engelbert Ruoss, director of the UNESCO Office in Venice; 
Amb. Gerhard Pfanzelter, secretary general of the Central European Initiative, Trieste; 
Ms Giuliana Carbi, president of the Trieste Contemporanea Committee. 

FIRST SESSION: 10.20 am -1 pm 

10.20 — Ms Anda Rottenberg, freelance curator and writer, POLAND: Public Art or the Art in Public Spaces?
10.30 — Ms Slavica Radisic, cultural policies researcher, Belgrade, SERBIA: Art Policy and Post-industrial City.
10.40 — Mr Riccardo Caldura, curator of the Pavilion of Albania, ITALY: From contemplation to partecipation. Relational practices versus drop sculptures in Italy today.
10.50 — Ms Sanja Kojic Mladenov, curator of the Pavilion of Serbia, SERBIA: Incident and Disruption: Art interventions in urban spaces.
11.00 — Ms Nadja Zgonik, commissioner of the Pavilion of Slovenia, SLOVENIA: Dimensions of the counter-monument as an anti-monumental and anti-memorial statement.
11.10 — Ms Beral Madra, (SESSION CHAIR) director BM Contemporary Art Centre, Istanbul, TURKEY: The culture industry of Istanbul and 'Istanbul 2010'.
11.20 — Ms Almút Shulamit Çoruh, director ha'atelier, Berlin, GERMANY: TASWIR, or:  New Forms of Public Art:  On the Order of Things.
11.30 — Ms Claudia Zanfi,  director aMAZElab Art&Cultures, Milano, ITALY: GOING PUBLIC. A project for the Public Sphere.
11.40 — Mr Andris Brinkmanis, commissioner of the Pavilion of Central Asia, LATVIA: Politics of Memory
11.50 – Mr Miran Mohar, artist, IRWIN Group, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA: What kind of Public Art do we need in Eastern Europe?
12.00 — Mr Jaroslav Andel, artistic director DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC: Urban and Other Visions.
12.10 — Mr Dejan Sluga, director of Photon Association, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA: Photonic Moments. The role of the contemporary photo art festival focused on CEE.
12.20 — Mr Lorenzo Fusi, curator, Liverpool Biennial, ITALY: Whose Public Space?
12.30 — DISCUSSION  1  


3.00 — Ms Breda Beban, artist and curator, UNITED KINGDOM/CROATIA: The Endless School.
3.10 — Ms Dusica Drazic, artist, SERBIA: Public Art as compromise.
3.20 — Mr Luchezar Boyadjiev and Ms Iara Boubnova, artist and curator, BULGARIA: Artistic street smarts as an Art of Urban Intervention.
3.30 Mr Piotr Piotrovski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, POLAND: Critical Museum.
3.40 Ms Edith  András, (SESSION CHAIR) Research Institute for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, HUNGARY: Nationalism claiming the public space.
3.50 — Ms Janka Vukmir, president Institute for Contemporary art, Zagreb, CROATIA: Monument in translation.
4.00 — Ms Hedvig Turai, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, HUNGARY: The dictionnary remembers.
4.10 — Ms Marija Mitrovic, University of Trieste, SERBIA: Remembrance, Memory and the Cult of Ancestors.
4.20 — Ms Iara Boubnova and Mr Luchezar Boyadjiev, curator and artist, BULGARIA: Management of ‘memory’ as promotion of ‘amnesia’.
4.30 — Ms Nina Fischer and Ms Maroan el Sani, artists, GERMANY: Spelling distopia.
4.40 — DISCUSSION 2 and CONCLUSIONS drawn by Mr Anthony Krause, Head of Culture unit, UNESCO Venice Office.

The programme is under construction and changes and additions may occur. The page is daily updated.

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