30 october 2014

smuggling anthologies / the programme


Trieste, Museo Revoltella Auditorium, via Diaz 27
Friday, November 7th, 2014

10.30 am
welcome and opening addresses

Sabina Salamon, curator, MMSU Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka
Giuliana Carbi,  president, Trieste Contemporanea

10.40 – 12.30 am
first session

Federico Costantini (University of Udine) – “Pretty Good Privacy”: smuggling in the “Information Age”
Božo Repe (University of Ljubljana) – Italian-Yugoslav border after the Second World War: crossings, shopping smuggling
Ana Peraica (researcher and art curator, Split) – Smuggling in Arts and Culture
Tanja Žigon (University of Ljubljana) – Contrabandists, Racketeers or Smugglers? Reports on Smugglers and the Terminological  Difficulties of Slovenian Editors with the Growth of  a New “Profession” along the Rapallo Border
Marija Mitrović (University of Trieste) – Smuggling as a literary topic

lunch break

2.30 – 4.20 pm
second session

Čuvaj Film! (save the film!), director Antonio Peraica (Croatia, 1943-1945, 16mm, silent, 23’). | special screening.
Marco Cechet (artist, Italy)– Big Lie (t)To Interail, 2013.
Michele Tajariol / Denise Zani (artist / journalist, Italy) – FalseBottom, 2013.
Tomislav Brajnović (artist, Croatia) – An engaged poetics.
Cristiano Berti (artist, Italy) – Iye Omoge , 2005 – 2006.
Gia Edzgveradze (artist, Georgia) – The Great Return, 2014.
A Tribute to Soviet Underground Business Scene in Tallinn, by Soho Fond(Estonia,2013, video, 2’).
Liz Glynn (artist, USA) – Anonymous Needs and Desires (Gaza/Giza), 2012. | Los Angeles, skype connection.

4.20 pm coffee break

4.40 – 6.30 pm
third session

Bojan Mitrović (University of Trieste) – Yugoslavia between Communism and Consumerism
Melita Richter (University of Trieste) – Memories of Living with/beyond the Border
Blue and Black Jeans, director Alessio Bozzer (Italy, 2014, video, 22’). | première screening.

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