19 november 2014

smuggling anthologies / all videos of the conference

Sabina Salamon (curator, MMSU Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka) introduction


Federico Costantin “Pretty Good Privacy”: smuggling in the “Information Age”

Božo Repe (University of Ljubljana) – Italian-Yugoslav border after the Second World War: crossings, shopping smuggling

Ana Peraica (researcher and art curator, Split) – Smuggling in Arts and Culture

Tanja Žigon (University of Ljubljana) – Contrabandists, Racketeers or Smugglers? Reports on Smugglers and the Terminological  Difficulties of Slovenian Editors with the Growth of  a New “Profession” along the Rapallo Border

Marija Mitrović (University of Trieste) – Smuggling as a literary topic

Marco Cechet (artist, Italy) – Big Lie (t)To Interail, 2013

Michele Tajariol / Denise Zani (artist / journalist, Italy) – FalseBottom, 2013

Tomislav Brajnović (artist, Croatia) – An engaged poetics

Cristiano Berti (artist, Italy) – Iye Omoge , 2005 – 2006

Gia Edzgveradze (artist, Georgia) – The Great Return, 2014

Liz Glynn (artist, USA) – Anonymous Needs and Desires (Gaza/Giza), 2012 – Los Angeles, skype connection

Bojan Mitrović (University of Trieste) – Yugoslavia between Communism and Consumerism

Melita Richter (University of Trieste) – Memories of Living with/beyond the Border


we gratefully acknowledge the help given in the making of this video recording by Antonio Giacomin – fluido tv