08 december 2014

squeeze it: semifinalist clips

squeeze it online award

Squeeze it, the new competition for creative young Europeans at the crossing of theatre, the visual arts and the new media is now in its final stages.
Meanwhile preparations are underway of the three finalist theatrical actions that on Saturday, February 21, 2015 will contend the Franco Jesurun Award 2014 before the public in Trieste, from the online vote, closed on February 10th, Jana Radonjić (MNE) results the winner of the squeeze it online award with the videoclip Black box.

Hello Earth
by Lina Hermsdorf (D)

Hello Earth explores the fracturing of presences and absences in the white cube.  What happens to the perception of the human body when a computer voice is the one building an intimate relationship with the audience, talking about its life, contemplating the nature of physics, feeling cold and noticing handsome audience members.  Will the performer disappear?  Will she become obsolete?  Or even more present?  I want to look at the implications of virtual reality and technology on our perception and their effect on what we experience as live and real.  As a tool I use narratives and playful modes of constructing realities, where a distinction of fact and fiction becomes obsolete.

Illusory Curtains
Arja Kärkkäinen (FIN)

Illusory Curtains is a work for an actor and a 3 channels video installation that deals with the breakdown of reality under pressure.  The hectic life of the characters sneaks into the nights, into the only moments of rest, sleep, that eventually becomes an obligation among all.  In this piece I wrote a monologue for an actor based on my own experiences and observed different modes of sleeplessness.  The three characters have different causes (one’s work life, one’s loneliness and one’s neuroticism) but the unitive element for all of them is the inability to rest.

by Komična Hunta (HR)

In Perfurmance somewhat stable relationship between theatre, visual communications and modern technologies will be challenged and taken to the level of metaphor. Perfurmance, starting with the title, suggests a kind of portmanteau of performance, action, theatre and perfume, i.e. scent.  The act of breaking perfume bottle is a nonsensical act but still an act.  By doing this we point to the loose construction of media and messages, theatrical or visual.  Not with a goal of banalization or absurd but with a sense of position from which it is difficult to explain but easy to show.

Black box
by Jana Radonjić (MNE)

Traveling back in time.  I can clearly remember year 2014.  The last time I felt a human sapiens hand.  It was a soft, rarely warm and friendly touch.  No electricity, no coldish.  It was just, you know – or you do not – humanly.

This project attempts to discover the newly-created identity of human who was made by modern technology and tailored in a new suit.  The research question is:  Where have disappeared the immediacy of the moment and live?

The See-Ance
by Lawrence Stanley group (UK)

The performance parodies the modern day medium character.  The Chancellor portrays a character that is both deplorable and pathetic.  A terrible psychic, unable to perform any of the simplest illusions that make up a medium’s repertoire.  He can’t perform any of these but chooses to deny this.  This is a performance about loss, denial and nostalgia. Delusional, deplorable but essentially human, the performance asks the audience to consider grief’s different coping mechanisms with a skeptical but sympathetic mind.

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