1 july 2016

waterline / faq

12 international design contest trieste contemporanea

1. I’m not born in one of the countries within the purview of the competition, but I hold citizenship of one of them. Am I eligible? NO 🙁

2. May I submit two projects to the competition: one on the general theme and one on the set theme of the the proverb? YES (with two different projects!)

3. What the size, format and quality of images and projects should be?
– JPG format, max 3MB for the image or visual representation of the source of inspiration.
– PDF/JPG format, max 3MB, no more than three A3 tables, in free technique, press quality for the project.

4. My project's files are very large, how can I apply?
  If your JPG files is too big, try to save in high / medium / low resolution or try to reduce the dpi.
  If your project will be selected we will ask you higher resolutions.
  For any technical issue, please write to