20 october 2016

squeeze it 2016: vote for your favourite video

squeeze it online award

We have the 6 finalists of the SQUEEZE IT ONLINE AWARD 2016!

Check out the videos and vote for your favourite one.

The winner will travel to Trieste (Italy) to take part in the amazing Squeeze it Workshop 2016.

[You can vote your favourite video on this page till the 19th of November, using the Facebook button underneath the video, or directly on Vimeo]

At midnight of Saturday the 19th of November 2016 Facebook scores and Vimeo scores will be added and the one of the six contestants obtaining the highest amount of votes will result winner of the Squeeze it online Award 2016.

by Ruggero Franceschini

Nov 19, 2016, 24:00    97 + 11 = 108 preferences
The Panopticon project is an attempt to highlight the physical connections between the individual, the communications / surveillance tools and other human beings. The human being was once limited by the distances he could cover on foot. Today, his limit is how many sockets or WiFi connections are in his way. Sound from “I Follow Rivers”by Lykke Li, 2011.

The Duel
by Kristina Marić

Nov 19, 2016, 24:00    291 + 8 = 299 preferences
The viewer in a real space is opposed to the artist in virtual space. In front of the viewer is a gun. With precise triggering it is possible to liquidate the figure of an author on the video projection. In this interactive computer installation the visitor is placed in a position of dominance and power, where he is left with the decision whether to use the weapon and to interact/conflict with the work of art. After the first shot and the first apparent death, the figure of the author, recovers and induces the viewer to react again.

What are we terrors to one another
by Neža Agnes Momirski
Slovenia / The Netherlands

Nov 19, 2016, 24:00    251 + 49 = 300 preferences
The performance choreography is constructed in the light of the mythological poetry of William Blake, which describes separation and unity in male-female relationships, to revisit the contemporary intertwining of technology, body and identity. Blake describes a happy couple as androgynous, but their unhappiness occurs when one or the other identifies as a sexual being.

BUNNYMAN – In Dreams
by Detlef Packo

Nov 19, 2016, 24:00    45 + 5 = 50 preferences
BUNNYMAN rehashing the ‘In Dreams’ scene from David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet”, with music by Roy Orbison.
It’s like reality; a flat circle of dreaming and it being smashed to pieces, over and over again.

Thymélé I
by Bastien Poncelet

Nov 19, 2016, 24:00    71 + 11 = 82 preferences
Performance for one empty space, one loud vacuum cleaner, one shiny dress, some written sentences, the German version of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” (by Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson, 1956) and two characters. The protagonists are both absorbing and absorbed by their every day life monoaction: one is cleaning the space, the other one is dancing.
Important is not here.

by Marc Vilanova Pinyol

Nov 19, 2016, 24:00    12 + 1 = 13 preferences
EGUES aims to present experimental performance in a powerful visual way using lights inside and outside the instrument as well as gesture and presence through the whole piece. Using extended techniques on the instrument a new language is born, a new vocabulary that can blow away the imagination of the audience and creates new dialogs and connections between the lights and the sounds.