14 march 2018

imaginary beyond crisis #3 new geographies

exhibition opening at 6:30pm



Angelo Ricciardi, “Carissima Laure” / Fabiola Faidiga, Massimo Goina e Annalisa Spoljaric, “Sulla stessa barca”

March 16th > April 8th 2018
Hall Veruda, Palazzo Costanzi
11 artists / 8 associations

Breda Beban, Cecilia Donaggio Luzzato-Fegiz,
Fabiola Faidiga, Guillermo Giampietro, Massimo Goina,
Laure Keyrouz, Alban Muja, Isabella Pers,
Angelo Ricciardi, Annalisa Spoljaric


Friday, March the 16th at 18:30, Casa Dell’Arte of Trieste with its eight related associations spread out all around the city, inaugurates “immaginario oltre la crisi #3 nuove geografie” (imaginary beyond crisis. #3 new geographies).  It is an exhibition-debate event that talks about today’s topics in one of the most significant public spaces of Trieste: The hall Umberto Veruda in Palazzo Costanzi.  The exhibition is organized with the support of the Trieste Town Council and is included in the frame of the multidisciplinary festival “varcare la frontiera #5 Atlantidi. Identità sommerse” organized by the association Cizerouno and supported by the Autonomous Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Council.

The exhibition wants to analyze with examples taken from the national and international world of contemporary art, how in a time of crisis, social depression and economic slowdown, the researches in the field of contemporary art represent a concrete case of study capable of repositioning the human being at the center of life.  In this exhibition, the topic is the increasing attention paid to the new human geographies, to tomorrow’s multiracial society, and to the shared territories of the future.  In particular, in this third exhibition it pays attention to the different identities created by the new geographies made of migrations, facing the present topic of migratory flows and of the new human geographies in contradiction with the new limits and barriers created against these movements.

The exhibition displays current visual researches by 11 international artists, from Argentina, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Lebanon, United Kingdom and Serbia.  We start with BREDA BEBAN’s series of photographs “Airport Chapels”, representing the praying areas in international airports, free from any religious reference but rich of intimacy and spirituality.  The photographs “Sulla Stessa Barca” (on the same boat) by FABIOLA FAIDIGA, MASSIMO GOINA and ANNALISA SPOLJARIC portray Duino-Aurisina’s citizens and asylum seekers from Gambia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, mixed in a project of a diffused welcome.  We go on with the poetic videowork by LAURE KEYROUZ and ANGELO RICCIARDI “Carissima Laure, carissimo Angelo” (dearest Laure, dearest Angelo) where the Lebanese poetess and the Neapolitan artist, after a long correspondence, start an impossible action: trying to empty the see in order to reduce their distance. Approximately, there are only 2000 km that separates Naples from Beirut… And still talking about the see, which is seen as a source of life and death, “Marnero” talks to us:  the video installation by CECILIA DONAGGIO LUZZATTO-FEGIZ, where the sea surface is represented in three different paintings arising the social and environmental emergencies nowadays, from the pollution until the migrations. The artist ALBAN MUJA proposes “Tibet” and “Palestina”, a double video-interview to a Kosovar boy and a Kosovar girl named after these places. Two common persons, that hide in their respective names the wish of independence and freedom of their parents and of an entire country. In addition, the video “Fakes” by GUILLERMO GIAMPIETRO, which is a kaleidoscope of war and migration pictures where are represented all the mistakes of history that not even the time can heal. The exhibition ends with the video work “Present” by ISABELLA PERS that takes place on the Sinkhole of the Five Hundred at Redipuglia and represents a moment of shared stories and memories between exodus war witnesses.




Sala Veruda, Palazzo Costanzi, piazza Piccola 2, Trieste
free admittance
opening hours: Mon. – Sun.; 10 am-1 pm, 5-8 pm
guided tour: Sundays, 6 pm