25 april 2018

breda’s lesson at ICA in zagreb

presentation starting at 7:00pm

On Wednesday, April 25th at 7:00 pm, at the Institute for Contemporary Art of Zagreb, the new book BREDA’S LESSON – the result of the first Italian symposium on the art and life of Breda Beban held on April 2017 at Studio Tommaseo of Trieste, now published by Juliet and Trieste Contemporanea –  will be presented by Dubravka Cherubini, co-curator of the symposium, together with Giuliana Carbi, Martina Munivrana, Berislav Vodopija and Janka Vukmir.

It will be an expected apointment in Zagreb, which is the city where the great artist and videomaker has lived and studied, that follows up of a couple of days the official presentation of the book during the opening event of the Trieste Contemporanea’s new library.