21 november 2018

the video clips competing for the squeeze it online award 2018

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V O T E      N O W !

SQUEEZE IT, the contest for young Europeans at the crossroads of three creative languages (theatre, visual arts, information technologies) is approaching the final phase and now arriving at the awarding of the best semi-finalist video clip.

The candidates for the SQUEEZE IT ONLINE AWARD 2018 are ready!

Watch their videos and vote for your favourite one.
Through the Facebook “I like” button underneath, you can vote on this page until 11:59 PM of December 3, 2018 (Italian time)
The winner will travel to Trieste to take part in the amazing Squeeze it Workshop 2018.

After the closing of online votes the winner of the squeezeitonline Award turned out to be Ms Claire Froës, France.

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by Annachiara Felcher (group leader), Stella Iovine, Elisa Mansi, Tiblets Quaini, Enrico Regattin

Each member of the group inserts in turn a slide inside an old slide projector, screening a QR code, and through a phone application reads the descriprion the QR code refer to.  With a marker the other members in the meantime trace edges of the image projected.  At the end of the action a drawing is created which is formed by shapes of all projections.


Untitled (Soloshow)
by Claire Froës

Everything is reduced to minimum.  The public is in front of an empty stage.  At the antipodes of a classical theatre, place of the highest body, where the sound and the light participate to fill the space, to create the narration, there is no actor on the stage, no apparent physical incarnation, but a projected text and a diffused voice.  It’s about creating emptiness and playing with darkroom’s experience and the silence it generates.

by Clara Ingargiola and Valentina Ghelfi (and Salvatore Cannova)

MATUREFemminata talks about domestic violence, telling the story of a Woman who can’t do anything but forgive his man.
Femminata is the life of all the women submissive on abusive men, is the life of all the women that perish under that violence.

Action – Evolution
by Antonio Mayor Rey

A performance where philosophy about evolution is the protagonist and a young man delves into his more personal self to invite the public to reflect on the evolutionary process of humans from a perspective where sexuality marks the way and towards a future where technology will became the keeper of human essence (the video clip is an autonomous release of the integral performance project candidated to the competition).

by Giulia Odetto and Lea Brugnoli


The project represents the interferences of the media, which affects the human´s attention and bothers his existence. A performer is the only inhabitant of the stage and the body is her only means of communication. From her movements, thanks to HART device, a live sound performance takes place amplifying the heart beat of the performer but suddenly an external elements appears: a TV program projected on the wall…(the video clip is an autonomous release of the integral performance project candidated to the competition).


Bauhaus 100
by Lilla Tóth (group leader), Noémi Endresz, Johanna Eperke Kiss, Kinga Ördög, Diána Polgár

The theme is the 100th birthday of the Bauhaus Design School. The team members are students in architecture and product design from the Sopron University.  Shade of Bauhaus is a game of shadows, geometric figures and bodies.


The Robot, Seda
by Merve Vural

The artist uses a close-shot of her face while mouthing the voice of Hanson Robotics’s Robot Sophia. The Robot in its turn is dubbing a Seda Sayan’s statement about a guy who behaved very badly towards her (Ms Sayan is a very popular Turkish singer, known as an outspoken and dominant female character). A work on sound as one of the most important elements of communication… (and on robotic voice as the most real voice…)