10 december 2018

the winner of the squeezeitonline award 2018 is claire froës (france)

the results of the online vote at midnight, december 3rd, 2018

The video clip Untitled (Soloshow) by  Claire Froës wins, with a score of 119 votes, the SQUEEZE IT ONLINE 2018 AWARD, being the results of the online vote at midnight of December 3rd, 2018 as follows (direct votes at our webpage + votes on vimeo):

Lightform, by Annachiara Felcher (group leader), Stella Iovine, Elisa Mansi, Tiblets Quaini, Enrico Regattin – Italy
12 + 0= 12 preferences

Untitled (Soloshow), by Claire Froës – France
117+2= 119 preferences

Femminata, by Salvatore Cannova, Clara Ingargiola and Valentina Ghelfi – Italy
8+1= 9 preferences

Action / Evolution, by Antonio Mayor Rey – Spain
2+1= 3 preferences

Kardias, by Giulia Odetto and Lea Brugnoli – Italy
32+1= 33 preferences

Bauhaus 100, by Lilla Tóth (group leader), Noémi Endresz, Johanna Eperke Kiss, Kinga Ördög, Diána Polgár – Hungary
16+2= 18 preferences

The Robot, Seda, by Merve Vural – Turkey
5+0= 5 preferences