11 december 2018

the quipps

the authors, the performances

Ultima Aestate (at the end of summer)

The performance is an elaboration of mourning, of the trauma of separation and loss.  It is a journey that explores the meaning of things that pass, such as the end, the sense of emptiness, absence.  It is a dialogue with those who no longer exist and at the same time with themselves, different and distant voices that reappear and become co-present, to recover what is lost and what is left.

Marco Gorgoglione was born in 1995 in Basilicata. He lives in Pisa where he studies Italian literature.  In 2017, he is a founding member of Yawpisti, a movement which aims to share contemporary poetry in Tuscany and all over Italy.  In 2018 he is a finalist in the national poetry slam competition in Genoa.  He collaborated with both Italian and international poets within the “Pisa book festival” exhibition.

Svet pripada hrabrim (the world belongs to the brave ones)

In the poetry of Eva Kokalj, the subject always comes first.  When she involves her own inner world, she is searching for a port of dreams that had collapsed.  She is exploring passages of transition of the outer world into the human being and describes falls and rises.  She writes of abundance and independence, of how from the inside she flows into the world and, the other way around, how the world leaves itself (the leaves).  It is a shrewd, but courageous discovery of who we are, what our true essence is, what is our silence, and when all this becomes the absence of words.  How to talk about anything in that silence?  The answer is:  Talk about love.

Eva Kokalj (1989) is a Slovenian poet, a performer and a theatre director.  She often uses her own poetry in her music and/or videos.  She performed three concerts as singer-songwriter.  Also, she wrote and directed two theatre shows that had been performed in Glej theatre in Ljubljana and one that has been performed in her hometown, Celje. She took part in Slovenian national slam poetry contest twice.

“What more can I say?!”

Hafedh will try to draw the bridge between spoken word poetry and rap.  Feminism always comes up when she performs, the big anti-s as well!  Antifascism, antiracism, antisexism.  For respect and peace.  Word by word. Talking sense.

Yasmin Hafedh lives in Vienna, where she attended the stages since the age of 15 as a poet.  She started participating poetry slams in Vienna (since 2007), while she was going to school.  At that time, she became an editor of Literaturzeitschrift & Radieschen and a member of the 1MM Freestyle Session, a bi-weekly freestyle session.  In 2009 she was the first woman in a final of the Ö-Slam (Austrian Poetry Slam Championship), which then won in 2013.  Hafedh is one of the best known Austrian slampoets.

Dorso Mondo

Dorso Mondo is a poetry, electronic-music and video-art performance, extracted from the homonymous book-cd, upcoming by Squi(libri) publisher.  In the landscape of abstract geometries produced by Martina Stella’s video projections, Gabriele Stera combines with poetry the buzz of the electromagnetic fields in the room to tell about an insomnia, an inter-spatial trip, a shipwreck, a life day.

Gabriele Stera ( Trieste, 1993), poet and sound artist, and Martina Stella (Trieste, 1992), visual artist, live in Paris where they study respectively Aesthetics and Photography and contemporary art. Their first collaborative art-work, Dorso Mondo, merges poetry, music, illustration and multimedia performance, and will be published by Squi(libri) in 2019.