09 may 2019

ninth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators: programme

venice, academy of fine arts

Venice, Academy of Fine Arts, Dorsoduro 423
Aula magna (Academy auditorium)
Thursday, May 9th, 2019
2:30–6:30 pm


2:15–2:30 pm – registration

2:30–2:50 pm – welcome speeches and introduction
Giuseppe La Bruna, director of the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice
Paola Bristot, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice
Barbara Fabro, senior executive officer of the Central European Initiative
Giuliana Carbi Jesurun, president of the Trieste Contemporanea Committee

2:50–3:45 pm – first session
Raluca Voinea, curator and art critic (Romania) – There is not (yet) too much (contemporary) art around.
Neva Lukić, curator and writer (Croatia/The Netherlands) – Recognizing the Language.
Beral Madra, director of BM Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul (Turkey) – Relevance of Truth in Contemporary Art.
Ana Peraica, independent curator (Croatia) – 50 years of returning – new documents on Red Peristyle (1968).
Iara Boubnova, commissioner of the Bulgarian Pavilion, Biennale Arte 2019 (Bulgaria) – title to be confirmed

3:45–4:30 pm – second session
Paci Dalò Roberto, director, composer, visual and sound artist (Italia/San Marino) – Darkness Tales.
Alicia Knock, curator of the Albanian Pavilion, Biennale Arte 2019 (France) – title to be confirmed
Janka Vukmir, director of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Zagreb (Croatia) – It is relevant to rebel.
Maja Ćirić, independent curator (Serbia) – Game Changers & Changing Art Games.

4:30–5:25 pm – third session.
Young voices: curators from the Trieste Contemporanea Open Call
Nataša Radojević, art historian and curator (Serbia) – Western Balkans Visibility & Diversities in a global context: Memory. Trends. Future.
Thomas Ba, art curator (Italy) – Digital Phenomenology.
Veronica Mazzucco, art curator (Italy) – curating/caring. A tool for rethinking dominant models.
Sabina Damiani, independent curator (Slovenia/Croatia) – Hybrid explorations: art as a vehicle to understanding environmental issues.
Jakub Gawkowski, independent writer and curator (Poland/Hungary) – Where we all ride bamboo bicycles.

5:25–6:10 pm – fourth session.
Around Italy: curators’ voices from the Q-rated workshops
Giulia Civardi, art curator (Italy) – Late to the party: on urgency.
Chiara Ianeselli, PhD researcher, IMT Lucca (Italy) – The Water Drop Effect.
Matteo Binci, researcher and art curator (Italy) – Poor Images and Social Movements.
Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti, independent curator (Italy) – Attentiveness: how to strike in the economy of presence.

6:10–6:30 pm – closing discussion

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