05 august 2023

squeeze it: outcome of the selection jury meeting for the fourth edition of the competition

The promoting committee of the Squeeze It competition met on 3 August 2023 to examine the eligibility of the projects submitted to the fourth edition of the competition.
Due to the non-compliance of these projects with the formal admission and/or artistic design requirements in the announcement, with regret, the decision was taken not to proceed with the compilation of the list of finalist projects for the Awards (Squeeze It Online Award and Franco Jesurun Award).
Having ascertained the impossibility of reaching the final phase of the competition, it was nevertheless decided to report the “Chew on it” project, correctly entered by the Polish artist Alina Śmietana (born in 1996), as worthy of in-depth study and training.
It was therefore decided to invite the performer to attend a dedicated master class which will take place at the Trieste Contemporanea headquarters starting from 10 September with the presence of Vladimir Nikolić.