from 23 to 23 November 2009

albanian bridge

adrian paci and driant zeneli in dialogue

Monday November 23rd, 2009, 6 pm
Trieste, Studio Tommaseo
in the frame of the 10th Young European Artist Trieste Contemporanea Award (Driant Zeneli, Albania) 

In conclusion of the exhibition ‘The Dream of Icarus was to make a Cloud’, a special event is being organized at the Studio Tommaseo of Trieste, in which Adrian Paci will be present.  The well-known Albanian artist has, in fact, accepted the invitation to dialogue with his younger colleague, Driant Zeneli, who this year is the winner of the Young European Artist Trieste Contemporanea Award.
Adrian Paci, born in 1969, and the young colleague Driant Zeneli (1983) were both born in Shkoder.  The former had his artistic education in Albania and the latter, in Italy.  Their common and differing experiences, which are testimony to the recent transformations in their country and the more global change in the arts, will be confronted in the dialogue which is set to take place in Trieste on Monday, November 23, at 6 o’clock in the evening.
In the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Trieste Contemporanea and L’Officina-Brainwork Project dedicate the event to the most refined contemporary art connoisseurs of Trieste: the encounter will be an opportunity to talk to the two artists, other experts and curators, moderator Julia Trolp, and about art in Albania before and after 1990 (the year of the fall of the communist regime in Albania.) The initiative was also triggered by the fact that this was the central theme of the great exhibition of contemporary Albanian art ‘Così vicina così lontana’ (so near, so far) – in which Driant Zaneli is participant – and which has just had its opening in Genoa at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce and will remain open until next February.
It will be possible to comment, together with Adrian Paci, on his intense artistic work, including the extraordinary video ‘Turn on’ presented at the Venice Biennial Exhibition of 2005, and have updates on the participation at the 10th Biennial of Lione, currently taking place in France, as well as on the perspectives that the curator, Hou Hanru, has on the theme of ‘The spectacle of the everyday’ which  he has chosen for this edition.
Watch the encounter live online at: 
The project of Driant Zeneli, which was chosen on the recommendation of the Italian curator, Daniele Capra, for the prestigious Triestine prize – which this year celebrates a decade – will be in exhibition for a few more days, until November 26.  The bilingual catalogue of the initiative can also be requested, and includes texts by Daniele Capra, Giuliana Carbi, Riccardo Caldura and Julia Trolp.

Albanian Bridge: dialogue between Adrian Paci and Driant Zeneli
Trieste, Studio Tommaseo, via del Monte 2/1
November 23, 2009 at 6 pm
a production of Trieste Contemporanea and L’Officina-Progetto Brainwork
as part of the 2009 Young European Artist Trieste Contemporanea Award
in collaboration with the Studio Tommaseo
with the contribution of the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giula
and the support of the Casa dell’Arte of Trieste