from 7 to 8 June 2007

continental breakfast. outposts 2007

third cei venice forum for contemporary art curators from central eastern europe
venice, unesco-bresce office (palazzo zorzi)

A Continental Breakfast project; promoted by the Trieste Contemporanea Committee; in collaboration with: UNESCO Office in Venice-Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe (BRESCE); L’Officina Brainwork Project-Trieste; with the patronage of: CEI-Central European Initiative, Regione del Veneto, Provincia di Venezia, Provincia di Trieste, Comune di Venezia, Comune di Trieste; supported by: CEI-Central European Initiative, Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, BEBA Foundation Venice; with the participation of: Venice Foundation; Casa dell’Arte-Trieste.

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Venice, Palazzo Zorzi (Castello 4930) , June 7-8, 2007 – The ‘Third CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators – Continental Breakfast. Outposts 2007’, organised by the Trieste Contemporanea Committee, is scheduled to take place on Thursday, the 7th of June [9.30am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 6p.m] and on Friday, the 8th of June [9.30am – 1pm] at the UNESCO Office in Venice-Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe (BRESCE).

About the Forum –  The meeting will be the fourth edition of a biennial event which will be opened to Central Eastern European experts and curators and to the commissioners of the Venice Biennale responsible for the national pavilions of the Central Eastern European countries. It will be organised under the patronage of CEI (Central Europe Initiative) which, after the experimental edition of 2001, adopted the Venice Forum as one of its primary cultural projects. Supported by the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia and the CEI, the Venice Forum is an activity of the international project ‘Continental Breakfast’ as well, that fosters and supports the creation of partnership projects and multidimensional capacity building exchange programmes in the field of contemporary art in Central Eastern Europe and is composed at present by a network of institutions in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Topics  – OUTPOSTS 2007 wishes to forward new issues concerning the evolution of new forms of organisation and the adaptation of established places assigned to art and wishes to compare different realities of Central Eastern Europe in order to inquire into which ways curatorial practice and networking would be able to have real impact on cultural values, which goes beyond the art market and museum collections.
Key questions will include: Do the current overall rules of creative innovation for competitive advantage influence the evaluating criteria of art in force? Is it useful to consider exhibitions in terms of their contribution to research and to understanding social transformation? What is the responsible (and reliable) role played by the curator in the era of virtual-media and market saturation? Will good information on contemporary art philosophy offer suitable instruments for a better understanding of the individual in an extended and mediating field of relationships? Are there any exhibitions that supply, at least on a general level, supplementary tools for the formation of the individual?

Speakers –  Ivana Bago (Croatia), Breda Beban (Serbia/United Kingdom), Alena Boika (Belarus/Czech Republic), Iara Boubnova (Bulgaria), Daniele Capra (Italy), Giuliana Carbi (Italy), Maja Ciric (Serbia), Ekaterina Degot (Russia), Eva Fabbris (Italy), Aurora Fonda (Slovenia), Branko Franceschi (Croatia), Melih Gorgun (Turkey), Sirje Helme (Estonia), Beral Madra (Turkey), Vasja Nagy (Slovenia), Mahir Namur (Turkey), Santa Nastro (Italy), Katalin Neray (Hungary), Ana Peraica (Croatia), Anda Rottenberg (Poland), Igor Spanjol (Slovenia), Marko Stamenkovic (Serbia), Jovana Stokic (Serbia), Maria Vassileva (Bulgaria), Nebojsa Vilic (Macedonia), Janka Vukmir (Croatia).



Concert –  ‘Continental Breakfast per concerto’, offered by the composer Puccio Migliaccio on the 7th of June at  1pm at palazzo Zorzi (Pietro Costantini, violin – Puccio Migliaccio and Cesare D’Este, drums).

Special Event –  A special event of the Forum will start on the 8th of June at 7pm in the seat of Nuova Icona (Giudecca 454). The film ‘The most beautiful Woman in Gucha’ directed by the artist Breda Beban will be presented to the participants of the meeting, in collaboration with Nuova Icona and with the partecipation of Dubravka Cherubini, Branko Franceschi e Vittorio Urbani.

About Trieste Contemporanea –  ‘Trieste Contemporanea. Dialogues with the Art of Central Eastern Europe’ is a committee created in June 1995 with the objective of bringing out the role of Trieste as a hinge between Western Europe, the countries of Eastern Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean area for the creation in Trieste of a permanent observatory on the contemporary situation of art and culture in Central Eastern Europe. Its projects are developed – often in Venice – through collaborations, co-productions and exchanges on an international level.

Working language: English.
There is no fee for participation.
How to reach Palazzo Zorzi
Contacts:  telephone: +39 040 639187, e-mail: <>

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