from 3 to 3 June 2009

continental breakfast. the pass 2009

fourth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators from central eastern europe
venice, unesco-bresce office (palazzo zorzi)

CB                       EYCI 2009

In the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, the 2009 CEI Venice Forum wishes to offer a challenging critical standpoint to the issue, focusing on current debates in the art field. In order to inquire how art curators would be able to forward new issues concerning the role assigned to art in the production of (visual) meaning with regard to the new use of images created for mediation and transmission, the Forum’s key questions will include:
What are the criteria of evaluation and acknowledgement currently used by curators for defining and distinguishing the cultural innovation (and the responsibility) of contemporary visual arts?
Which are today the appropriate and delegated places for receiving and promoting artistic creative innovation?

The meeting will be the fifth edition of a biennial event which will be opened to Central Eastern European (CEE) experts and curators and to the commissioners of the Venice Biennale responsible for the national pavilions of the CEE countries. It will be organised under the patronage of Central European Initiative (CEI) which, after the experimental edition of 2001, adopted the Venice Forum as one of its Feature Cultural Events. The Venice Forum is an activity of the international project Continental Breakfast (CB) and is promoted by the Trieste Contemporanea Committee  in collaboration with the UNESCO Office in Venice – UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe (BRESCE).

We are pleased to inform you that the 2009 Venice Forum will include a Special Section, in form of a presentation, for the first time dedicated to curators and critics from Central Asia, thanks to the kind suggestion of Ms. Beral Madra, commissioner of the Biennale’s Pavilion of Central Asia.

The participants

The programme

The Forum is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, the 3rd of June, from 9.30am to 1pm and from 2.30pm to 6pm at the UNESCO-BRESCE premises (Palazzo Zorzi, Castello 4930 – near Campo Santa Maria Formosa). Apart from the presentation of contributions by the representatives of most CEI countries, the programme will include case studies and comprehensive debates with the public. Also, the Venice Forum will prepare the Trieste Forum section and the CB Working Group Meeting, to be held for the first time in Trieste on Monday the 8th of June 2009.
The working language will be English.
There is no fee for participation.

Registration online

How to reach Palazzo Zorzi

For further information please contact:
Trieste Contemporanea Committee,, telephone: +39 040 639187
Ms. Giuliana Carbi,
Ms. Eva Fabbris,

Trieste Contemporanea. Dialogues with the Art of Central Eastern Europe 2009
Venice, UNESCO-BRESCE Office in Venice (Palazzo Zorzi, Castello 4930), June 3rd, 2009
Trieste, CEI Executive Secretariat, June 8th, 2009

an activity of the international network Continental Breakfast
a 2009 CEI Feature Cultural Event
an Italian National Event in the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009

under the patronage of Jan Figel, Member of the European Commission, responsible for Education, Training, Culture and Youth

The event is conceived and organised by the Trieste Contemporanea Committee, in collaboration with the UNESCO Office in Venice-UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe (BRESCE), under the patronage of the Central European Initiative (CEI), the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Regione del Veneto, the Provincia di Venezia, the Provincia di Trieste, the Comune di Venezia, the Comune di Trieste, with the support of the CEI, the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Provincia di Trieste and the BEBA Foundation of Venice and with the participation of the Casa dell’Arte of Trieste and SemeNostrum of Udine.
Acknowledgments: we gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Jaroslav Andel, Daniele Capra, Dusan Dovc, Barbara Fabro, Foto Mauro Trieste, Branko Franceschi, Jana Gerzova, Sirje Helme, Beral Madra, Delfina Marcello, Liana Rotter, Rosanna Santesso, Jaroslaw Suchan, Janosz Sugar and Janka Vukmir and the teamwork provided by Giuliana Carbi, Giulio Cok, Eva Fabbris, Franco Jesurun, Massimo Premuda, Caterina Skerl and Laura Spolaore.

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