from 3 to 3 February 2018

dialogue: meri gorni, federica rocco, laura safred

about the debt of love

Everyone has own authors and books of choice, with which we maintain a lasting dialogue: the author speaks to us from the text and we talk to the author, reacting with thoughts, words – sometimes even with works – to his thoughts and words. Meri Gorni gives voice to this dialogue with a book, Debito d'Amore, composed by letters she wrote in the space of a year to intellectuals and writers, who deeply increased her intellectual and artistic inspiration. Dialogue is an inexhaustible source of images, which Meri Gorni, visual artist as well as writer, makes visible, exploring the authors and revealing unexpected characters and relationships. As Debito d'amore is therefore also a, unpredictable gallery, this will be the venue where it will be presented in a three-way dialogue between the author, Federica Rocco and Laura Safred.
With this book Meri Gorni comes back in Trieste Contemporanea after her exhibition in 2002. The conversation will be held at Studio Tommaseo on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at 6 pm.

Meri Gorni writes and draws. When she writes she talks about painting and images. In her drawings, photographs, videos, there is always a word, a phrase, a concept related to reading and writing, because drawing and writing for her have the same root. She lives and works in Paderno Dugnano and in Milan. Federica Rocco is Professor of Latin American Literature at the University of Udine (Italy). Her studies and researches are dedicated to the autobiographical writings, the literature of Migration, Diaspora and Exile; the historical novels of XXth and XXIth centuries in Argentinian, Chilean and Uruguayan literature. Laura Safred is an art historian, dealing with artist's books and the relationship between word and image. She wrote about the genesis of the title of artworks and is about to release her book on Ingeborg Bachman's relationship with the city of Vienna. She lives and works in Trieste and in Vienna. Debito d'amore is published in Udine by Campanotto in the Zeta Rifili serie in 2017