from 18 December 2010 to 16 February 2011

dusica drazic

young european artist trieste contemporanea award 2010

Looks like we’ve been here before

Saturday the 18th of December at 7 pm will open at Studio Tommaseo (via del Monte 2/1 Trieste) the exhibition of Dusica Drazic the young serbian artist winner of the 2010 edition of the Young European Artist Award organized every year by Trieste Contemporanea. In more than ten years of hte Award, the artist who received this prize have confirmed in time to be leading and attentive interpreters of the European scene, as happened, for instance, to Pawel Althamer (2002) and Ivan Moudov (2006).
Dusica Drazic is an artist and independent curator, born in 1979 in Belgrade, where she lives and works. After graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, she continued her professional development at the Bauhaus University in Weima. She was granted with DAAD scholarship for 2005/2006 and exhibited in various european cities.
After having been invited in Trieste, the artist has obtained an important international acknoledgment, the ISPS RESIDENCY (The international Studio & Curatorial Program) in New York, a residency for emerging contemporary artists.
This young Serbian artist’s work deeply and originally explores  all the declinations of the dialogue between space, creative action and viewer’s reaction. Also, the exhibition conceived for the Studio Tommaseo, Looks like we’ve been here before, investigates the expectations created in the public by the spatial structure of the exhibition and plays with an alienating overturning of the usual roles of artist and spectator: the visitor is, in fact, welcomed by the artist’s applause, filmed and projected in loop on the gallery walls.
The curator of the project in Trieste is Aleksandra Estela Bjelica Mladenovic, curator of the Belgrade Cultural Center.
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