15 December 2022

libraryline publications

The Trieste Contemporanea Library is mainly focused on the art of 20th and 21st centuries, with a special attention for Central Eastern European contemporary art. It has opened to the public in 2018 and was named after Franco Jesurun, a co-founder of Trieste Contemporanea.

The libraryline series, with the graphic signed by Giulia Lantier, now structures an idea of dissemination of the history of contemporary art very dear to the Trieste committee – which had already made available in 2014 a translation from the Polish of an important interview with Tadeusz Kantor held in 1985 – and are enriched by an important “container” for unpublished historical documents which are thus made available to the public and scholars. It is worth mentioning here that a second volume is already in progress, Gentilissima Signora Aurelia (Dear Mrs. Aurelia), which transcribes and publishes, edited by Lucia Budini and with the collaboration of Juliet editor, a series of letters that Miela Reina wrote to her mother during her years of study at the Venice Academy (1955-1959).

The book is dedicated to the screenplay of Breda Beban’s film, Moneystains, and it, therefore, opens the libraryline series.