from 19 September to 3 November 2014

map pin

2014 design contest: award ceremony and final exhibition

Final exhibition – selected and winning projects:
Simone Bellan with Nicolò Luppino (Italy), Milan Deliyski (Bulgaria), Eva Kania with David Smid (Czech Republic), Kaja Kisilak with Lea Bradašević (Slovenia), Dolores Ljubić with Katarina Cendak (Croatia), Claudia Mascia (Italy), Anesia Mervcich (Croatia), Laura Pozzar (Italy), Sara Sossi (Italy, GILLO DORFLES AWARD), Ivana Sovilj (Serbia, CEI AWARD), Neringa Sviščiauskaitė (Lithuania), Dominik Uhlíř (Czech republic, BEBA AWARD), Oleg Vereshchagin with Irina Olenina (Ukraine), Roberto Zanon with Greta Bignami (Italy, TRIESTE AWARD)

Trieste, September 4th – The final exhibition of the Trieste Contemporanea’s design contest will open on September 19th in the frame of  BIO50, 24th Biennial of Design–Ljubljana and will award the Italian designer Sara Sossi the Gillo Dorfles Prize.

The eleventh edition of the International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea, founded in 1995 from an idea of Gillo Dorfles and that every two years sees designers from 23 European countries in or near the area CEI engaged with the most original issues of contemporary design, has been dedicated to the theme of cultural tourism in Europe. With their personal pin the designers have focused on maps fountains of small towns, castles, islands with shared folk traditions, historical urban plans or constructivist buildings, or even industrial areas  creating a very impressive fresco of the opportunities still open to all development and discovery of places and of tangible or intangible cultural heritage of our continent.
We will see all this and the projects that originate from it in the final show of MAP PIN which will open on September 19 in Trieste at the Studio Tommaseo following the award ceremony of the four winners who will share the nine thousand Euros provided in the contest.

The exhibition, in collaboration with the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, is an integral part of BIO50, 24th Biennial of Design, the historical appointment with the design from the heart of Central Europe founded in 1964.
The initiative is organized by the Trieste Contemporanea with the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism, the Central European Initiative, the Province of Trieste and the Comune di Trieste; with the contribution of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Comune di Trieste, the Central European Initiative and the Foundation BEBA of Venice; with the collaboration of MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design-Ljubljana Continental Breakfast Europe, the Institute for Contemporary Art-Zagreb, the Civic Museum of Natural History-Trieste and the Studio Tommaseo- Trieste.
The exhibition will remain open until November 3.

The BEBA Foundation of Venice Award for the youngest selected contestant was given to Dominik Uhlír from the Czech Republic, born in 1989. His project refers to the industrial area of Vítkovice, in Ostrava, in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, which has now become a national monument. Inspired by the main furnace which dominates the entire industrial area, the young designer created a small lamp by recycling a steel tube used in the industrial complex.
The CEI Award was assigned to Ivana Sovilj, Serbian designer. This award goes to the best project from one of the CEI countries not members of the European Community. The designer represented the medieval town of Korcula, situated on the Adriatic island of the same name in Croatia, focusing on the urban plan of the city and returning this form in an object to be achieved in cast bronze.
“Antonio plays with me” is the name of the work by Roberto Zanon and Greta Bignami, Italian designers who have won the Trieste Award designing a kit of stamps aimed at children aged six to nine years to “revive” the dinosaur Antonio, special theme “Trieste” of this year’s competition. Antonio is the name by which the Thethyshadros insularis is known, found near Trieste in 1994. It  is the largest dinosaur found in Italy and one of the most complete discovered in the world.
Sara Sossi, young Italian designer, won the grand prize of the contest, the Gillo Dorfles Award. Using her background as a graphic, in the project “Cromopolis” the designer wanted to highlight some of the major monuments of the city of Trieste. The proposed kit consists of a map, a notebook with pencil, five postcards and an instructions flyer and is inspired by the childhood game of frottage of a dime. Tourists would be able to trace out some stamp-icons (made available near the cultural landmarks and monuments) on notebook and postcards provided, make personal notes, mail them to friends, or collect memories and suggestions.

Venue: Trieste, Studio Tommaseo, via del Monte 2/1
Opening: Friday, September 19, 7 pm
Period: September 19 – November 3, 2014
Opening hours: Mon. – Sat., 5 – 8 pm
Free admission
+39 040 639187

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