from 7 to 15 September 2007

nothing special, winckelmann’s knife

a photographic exhibition and a video presentation produced by lucamassimophotoproject
trieste, studio tommaseo

nothing special

project co-ordinator: Marco Minuz
sound track: Siro Zanolla
editing: Studio Zenith Torino

opening: Friday, September 7th, 7 p.m.

presentation of the book "Nothing special. Graeco-Roman Wrestling"
edited by Roberta Valtorta, produced by LucaMassimoPhotoProject and published in 2007 by Edizioni dell’Aurora, Verona

organisers: Trieste Contemporanea Committee and Studio Tommaseo, Trieste
with the support of Casa dell’Arte, Trieste
in the frame of the ‘Triestèfotografia’ event promoted by Juliet Association, Trieste
under the patronage of FIJLKAM (Italian Federation for Judo, Graeco-Roman Wrestling, Karate and Martial Arts)

 opening times: Monday to Saturday, 5pm-8pm