from 15 May to 15 September 2004

tre pareti e una scala (three walls and a staircase)

thirty years of activity 1974-2004
trieste, studio tommaseo

‘Three walls and a staircase’ describes in a simple way the gallery of Trieste that this year celebrates its thirty years of activity. For the occasion the gallery presents a selection of the artists that have been exposed during this period. About eighty works cover the three walls completely, like an old ‘quadreria’. During the four months of this exhibition some meetings will take place in the Studio Tommaseo: artists, curators, actors, writers, musicians will speak about the present situation of art and culture and about the future’s prospects.

via Canalpiccolo (1974-1984); portrait of Franco Jesurun, 1982

via del Monte (since 1984): view of the entrance