from 17 September to 5 November 2005


works by maurizio pellegrin, curator alice rubbini
trieste, studio tommaseo

“There is something that has lost the entire concept of distance and proximity, beyond time, strong as the thoughts of our minds and the energies of the Universe. My work wants to testify all this, it is everything which resides secretly, or everything that manifests itself spontaneously.” These are the words, still confident of a possible positive and instinctive life, of the Venetian artist MAURIZIO PELLEGRIN, protagonist of TRILOGIA, the exhibition curated by ALICE RUBBINI that will be inaugurated Saturday September17th, at 6,30 p.m., at the Studio Tommaseo in Via del Monte 2/1 in Trieste. As a result of a coproduction between Trieste Contemporanea and Studio Tommaseo, the exhibition is conceived as a step for a closer examination of the theme of ISOLE, a wide exhibition project which will be inaugurated in Venice on September 3rd and will be subdivided in eight museums, for each one the artist has created a specific work (utilizing expressive means such as installations, movies, sculptures and photographs) each work will hold a dialogue with the chosen space and context, thus building as a whole a hypothetical archipelago of new meanings. The ISOLE project, accomplished thanks to the collaboration between the Musei Civici Veneziani, Soprintendenza Speciale per il Polo Museale Veneziano, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and Museo Storico Navale, as well as the memory and the thought of the artist, lights the powerful energy sedimented in the places chosen to host the installations. The entire exhibition project narrates about Venice, of the continuity between past and present, of its hidden vitality, with detachment from the widespread stereotypes and simplification. A complex operation that wants to ideally cross the autobiographical vision of the artist and the different states of matter and of the spirit which required a long preparation and execution. Three movies of the series "Chi vuole morire per l’arte (Who wants to die for art?)" (New York, 2002, director Matthew Marello), a "painted wall" of large dimensions, characteristic of Maurizio Pellegrin’s last artistic production, and a "light" sculpture hanging from the ceiling will be the three types of work that make up the "study" of TRILOGIA: "found objects" and materials that are apparently not connected in terms of style, material and size will generate among themselves different combinations to test the intrinsic symbolic and harmonic relationship that links the objects to the world and to the history of the world that we want to write, by making every thing a metaphor and a key for interpretation or a reference to a wider vision, creating a universe of elements and planets which tend toward unity and energy, often symbolically quantified through numerical values, to try and preserve a balance, no matter how slender, between spirit and matter. Born in Venice in 1956, Maurizio Pellegrin lives and works between New York and Venice, where he earned a M.F.A. in Contemporary Art, he studied Literature and Philosophy at Ca’ Foscari University and Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. In New York he studied Sociology at the New School and Eastern Philosophy at NY University where now he teaches Drawing and Art Criticism in the Master in Fine Art; he also teaches Sculpture and Phenomenology of Arts at TC of Columbia University. He has published about thirty works. As an artist he has 130 solo exhibitions to his credit and almost 300 group exhibitions in the world’s major museums and private galleries. EXHIBITION: Trilogia ARTIST: Maurizio Pellegrin CURATOR: Alice Rubbini CATALOGUE:edited by Alice Rubbini ORGANIZERS: Trieste Contemporanea Committee, Studio Tommaseo LOCATION: Trieste, Studio Tommaseo (Via del Monte 2/1) INAUGURATION: Saturday September 17th, 6.30 p.m. PERIOD: September 17th > November 5th 2005 HOURS: Monday > Saturday: 5.00 p.m.> 8.00 p.m. FREE ADMITTANCE