from 9 to 23 December 2009


international video art presentation

Videospritz®EST#4 is a production of Trieste Contemporanea. Dialoghi con l’arte dell’Europa centro orientale; curator Laura Spolaore; in the frame of the activities of the international network Continental Breakfast; in the 35° anniversary of Studio Tommaseo; in collaboration with ACM/Venice, Crosstalk Video Art Festival/Budapest, Goethe-Institut/Trieste and INVIDEO/Milan, Institute for Contemporary Art/Zagreb and HFS (Croatian Film Clubs' Association), L’Officina-Brainwork project/Trieste, SCCA Center for Contemporary Arts/Ljubljana, Studio Tommaseo/Trieste; with the support of the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia; with the adehesion of the Casa dell’Arte/Trieste; with the participation of Enoteca Bere Bene/Trieste.

Trieste, 9 > 23 December, 2009
Studio Tommaseo (via del Monte 2/1)
every evening, from Monday to Saturday (except Saturday 12th of December), 6:30pm


Wednesday, December 9th
Video On. Contemporary Video Art from Hungary

curator: Adrien Török
in collaboration with Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest
introduction by Ms Török, videoconferencing from Budapest
Gábor Áfrány-Szabolcs Zs. Tóth, Tutoreality, 2008, 5'23''
Balázs Beöthy, Leaves Game, 2007, 11'
Marcell Esterházy, v.n.p. v2.0, 2005, 12'
János Fodor, Dummy, 2006, 2'50''
Barbara Follárd, Handstand 32, 2008, 4'
Szabolcs Kiss Pál, Director’s cut, 2006, 6'
Tamás Komoróczky, "Schkitz#2", 2008, 10'
Ádám Lendvai, Layers, 2005, 5'48''
János Sugár, Mute, 2008, 10'30''
Zsolt Vásárhelyi, Yamakasi, 2007, 4'36''
Júlia Vécsei, Streamline 4, 2008, 5'15''

Thursday, December 10th
Young Protagonists: “Tan Tan”

curator: Vittorio Tantucci
"Tan Tan", Qianmen Hotel no. 1, 2007, 16’24’’
"Tan Tan", Chinese Cabbage , 2007, 33’11’’
"Tan Tan", One minute spent with 60 people, 2007, 6’58’’

Friday, December 11th
Meeting with Prof. Renzo Crivelli
Massimiliano Cocozza, Pennilesse – Joyce His Odyssey in Trieste, 2007, 60'

Monday, December 14th
organised by the Goethe-Institut of Trieste
in collaboration with INVIDEO, Milan
Rosa Barba, Herwig Wieser, Distroia, 1999, 3'30''
Angela Zumpe, Steinwelt, 1991, 8’
Tamás Waliczky, Der Wald, 1991, 4’54’’
Ivar Smedstad, Century Fuge 255, 1996, 5’52’’
Vera Ritter, Morning D-Lay, 2002, 4'30''
BÅ‘rries Műller-Bűsching, The Eye of Olimpia, 2003, 11’
Robert Seidel, _grau, 2004, 10'
Michel Klöfkorn, 3,48 €, 2005, 9'
Kai Welf Hoyme, Othello, 2007, 5’36”
Bert Gottschalk, Bildfenster, 2007, 6’

Tuesday, December 15th
DIVA Station: Video production in Slovenia from 1983 till 2007

curators: Barbara Borčič, Miha Colner e Ida Hiršenfelder
in collaboration with SCCA Center for Contemporary Arts Ljubljana
Zemira Alajbegović, Vortex, 2000, 4'04''
Vesna Bukovec, Important News, 2004, 0'54''
Neven Korda, Gagarin, 2003/2005, 4'49''
Marko Kovačič, American Dream, 1986, 6'46''
Ema Kugler, Taiga, 1996, 8'22''
Andrej Lupinc – Lupo, In Eight Minutes Around the World, 1999/2000, 9'38''
Marjan Osole – Max, Avtop, 1983, 4'52''
Sašo Podgoršek, Anglia, 2006, 3'51''
Zvonka Simčič, Broken h-h-ha…egg, 2000, 1'
Mirko Simič, Do You Hear the Sound of Silence, 1992, 3'02''
Robertina Šebjanič, Bubble I, 2007, 1'
Nika Špan, How to Socialise the Blues?, 2007, 1'58''
Miha Vipotnik, Don't Panic, 1984, 6'31''
Tanja Vujinović, Extagram-ST807, 2007, 1'
ZANK in Borghesia, Discipline, 1983, 3'46''

Wednesday, December 16th
curator: Laura Spolaore
Mauro Ciani,  Cigarette burns, 2008, 3'14'';  Etererete, 2008, 4'40''
Isabella Pers, Echo, 2009, 12’14”
Davide Skerlj, Lazzaro, 2007/2008, 3’20’’
with the participation of Tiziana Pers

Thursday, December 17th
curator: Carlo Montanaro
in collaboration with ACM Venice 
Hans Richter, Rhytmus 21, Germania, 1921, 3'
Viking Eggeling, Diagonal simphonie, Germania, 1921, 7'
Hans Richter, Filmstudie, Germania, 1926, 6'
Joris Ivens, De Brug, Olanda, 1927/28, 15'
Ralph Steiner, H20, Usa, 1929, 12'
Len Lye, Particles on space, Usa, 1979, 4'30"

Friday, December 18th
Meeting with Gabriella Cardazzo
Duncan Ward and Gabriella Cardazzo, Kantor, 1987, 40’

Saturday, December 19th
RAI FVG broadcast, Mister Papa in Friuli , 29’ 07’’, by Mario Rizzarelli
Less then a short history of Croatian video

curator: Janka Vukmir
in collaboration with the Institute for Contemporary Art Zagreb and thanks to HFS (Croatian Film Clubs' Association) and Diana Nenadic
Goran Trbuljak, No Title, 25'', 1976
Dalibor Martinis, Open Reel, 4', 1976
Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Ping Pong, 2', 1976-78
Sanja Ivekovic, Personal Cuts, 4' 1982
Breda Beban & Hrvoje Horvatic, Geography, 9', 1989
Simon Bogojevic, Narath, 6'03'', 1995
Igor Kuduz, Welcome to the Peak of Intelligence, 7'14'', 1995

Monday, December 21st
Home is a place of peace, order and tranquillity

curator: Julia Trolp
Martha Rosler, Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975, 7'
Aslı Sungu, Faulty, 2008, 16’, 7’, 4’, 6’

Tuesday, December 22nd
Celebration of the 35 years of activity of Studio Tommaseo:
screening of documentary and archive material (1974-2009);
presentation of the online database (1974-2009) created by Caterina Skerl and Giulio Cok.

Wednesday, December 23rd
Meeting with Fiora Gandolfi and Emanuela Marassi
Emanuela Marassi, Continental Breakfast, 2005 11’16’’
Presentation of the book Venezia riflette. Senso e magia dell'acqua, by Fiora Gandolfi Herrera and Evgen Bavcar, Vianello Publisher, Treviso 2008