1 June 2017

videospritz triestecontemporanea. igor grubić

starting at 6.30pm

Igor Grubić, Capitalism Follows Socialism, 2012, video, 10’

On Thursday 1 June a special Videospritz hosted by Trieste Contemporanea dedicated to the croatian artist Igor Grubić will open the new RAVE East Village Artist Residency edition. An opportunity to meet the artist and discover his research through a talk and a screening of some of his works.
Grubić is the RAVE 2017 artist invited to work on a project in the Soleschiano farmhaus, “Do animals dream about freedom?

During the evening at Studio Tommaseo the artist, in conversation wih Iara Boubnova – director of the Contemporary Art Institute in Sofia – will present 3 short movies chosen for their current topics: a narration through sperimental images and strong poetic declaration of the east european reality with its poverty, social rebellions, violence and intolarence.