12 July 2019

radio arendt workshop

capturing arendtian resonances in 2019

Trieste, Studio Tommaseo (via del Monte, 2/1)
Friday 12 july 2019 [10am-1pm / 2pm-7pm]
workshop HA + HC

On Friday 12 July 2019, Trieste Contemporanea proposes a 1-day workshop led by Nicole Dewandre and Roberto Paci Dalò on 2019 Hannah Arendt’s legacy. They will also debate about radio and sound  and will collect voices of participants questioning, challenging and receiving what she left to future generations.

Hannah Arendt is known as a major philosopher and political scientist of the 20th Century. She provides the intellectual tools we need today to understand the crisis of the political realm, and – possibly – to step out of it. As she wrote, “there are no dangerous thoughts, thinking itself is dangerous”, but… abstaining from thinking is even more dangerous, as it opens to the banality of evil and an active alienation from our human condition.

Thanks to Roberto Paci Dalò, who is one of the brilliant promoters of Trieste Contemporanea’s project “Harbour for Cultures”, the workshop is part of both the HC Trieste project and the European “HA” project, directed by the Italian artist. The HA progressive project consists in the creation of an interactive sound-video installation commissioned by the Resonances III Festival and produced by the Joint Research Centre – European Commission. Already in 2019, the materials collected in Trieste will be part of the HA presentations in Ispra (next October) and in Bruxelles (next December), as well as those coming from the workshops that just in the last days took place in Barcelona and Sarajevo. Then, in 2020, Roberto Paci Dalò will bring back to Trieste HA’s joyful presentation of the richness, potentialities and the need for multiculturality and memory, and will focus on HC desires for Porto Vecchio.
“Ha” means in Hawaiian “breath” and “life”. The same word means in Mandarin “sound of laughter” (onomatopeia) and also to “breathe out”.

Friday morning, at 10 am, Nicole Dewandre will introduce the life and work of Hannah Arendt, how we can think with her about what happens to us in 2019 and why it is so important for the EU in these critical times.
In the afternoon, from 2 pm participants will work with Roberto Paci Dalò in a practical way: they will record and edit voices and sounds that will become materials for the live radio performance to be streamed at 6 pm on Usmaradio (usmaradio). This part of the programme will use tools and technologies which allow everybody to enter into the “radio universe” and give life to HA.

The workshop is open to participants of any age and background.
The participation is free.
The working language will be English.
You have to register for the workshop sending an e-mail to

Nicole Dewandre is advisor in the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. She is an engineer, economist and philosopher. She draws on Hannah Arendt to trigger a critical reflexive approach to EU policy-making. She is also an Alumni of the Center for Science and Policy, at the University of Cambridge.

Award-winner Roberto Paci Dalò is an Italian director and author, visual artist, and composer/musician. He presents his work worldwide in museums, festivals, theatres. Founder and director of Usmaradio and Giardini Pensili. Professor of Interaction design at Unirsm.

A production JRC- European Commission, Resonances III Festival, Datami, The School of Radio – Scuola di Radiofonia, Usmaradio, Giardini Pensili and Trieste Contemporanea.