2 march 2006

an unknown india in brigitte brand’s paintings

press release: february 23rd 2006


Once again Studio Tommaseo presents a great painter by inaugurating, on Saturday March 4th at 6,30 p.m., Endless Elsewhere, a personal exhibition by Brigitte Brand, an artist of German origin that has been living in Italy for many years. She will be presenting a selection of her latest and extremely original pictorial research, based on an unusual ability to capture the elements of nature and to render them by putting them on canvas after a careful personal elaboration, a masterly balance between technical precision and a strong attention for visual experiences.

Organized by Trieste Contemporanea in collaboration with Studio Tommaseo and curated by Fulvio Dell’Agnese, Endless Elsewhere is the intermediate stage in a group of three exhibitions, which began in 1995, that the artist dedicated to a series of Indian paintings. The artist gained a deep knowledge of India through the many journeys that led her from one end to another of the country, searching the architectural composition of the ancient buildings of that civilization and documenting her route, and her impressions, in a diary filled with sketches and surveys that will soon be published.

“The spaces in the large canvases that Brigitte Brand dedicated to India lack the presence of humans, because even in a group pilgrimage the relationship with the sacredness of a place is resolved – if it is authentic – in an interior, individual dimension; in a space that each time is rediscovered as if it were the first time, on one’s own. Humanity flows beneath, within the daily interlacement of signs and pictures on newspaper, that acts as a support to the creation of the painting and in which the subtle swarming of fortuitous visual parallelisms substitutes the ornamental load of real architecture, eroded by the essentiality of signs and of the pictorial work.” This is what Fulvio Dell’Agnese wrote concerning Brand’s Indian series, which, after being exhibited in the Italian section of the "Biennial of Quadrilateral" at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka, will continue with a large exhibition at the Galleria Sagittaria – Center for cultural events in Pordenone which will host the entire, monumental, series of paintings.

Brigitte Brand (1955, Rastatt, Germany) lives and works in Treviso. After having completed her studies at the Akademie der Bildenen Künste in Stuttgart, in 1979 a scholarship allowed her to move to Italy, where she attended the courses held by Emilio Vedova at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Since 1980 she has been the protagonist of many exhibitions in public and private spaces in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia.

exhibition: Endless Elsewhere
artist: Brigitte Brand
curated and presented by: Fulvio Dell’Agnese
organized by: Comitato Trieste Contemporanea in collaboration with Studio Tommaseo
where: Trieste, Studio Tommaseo (Via del Monte 2/1)
inauguration: Saturday March 4th, 6.30 p.m.
period: March 4th > May 6th 2006
when: Monday > Saturday: 5.00 p.m.> 8.00 p.m.
free entrance