1 january 2007

cei venice forum: the programme

june 7th-8th 2007

welcome speeches

Philippe Pypaert, UNESCO Office in Venice, project officer
Giulia Del Fabbro, CEI Executive Secretariat, senior executive officer
Giuliana Carbi, Trieste Contemporanea Committee, president

first session

Sirje Helme (Estonia)
Beral Madra (Turkey) coordinator, Notes on ‘Outposts and Hot Spots’
Katalin Neray (Hungary), The Dilemma of the Contemporary Museum
Marko Stamenkovic (Serbia), Transitional Economics & Contemporary Art Institution in the Post-Socialist South East Europe
Aurora Fonda (Slovenia), A simple Part of the Mechanism
Nebojsa Vilic (Macedonia), Shifting of the Curatorial Paradigm or about the Death of some Art Professions
Ekaterina Degot (Russia), On Dangers of being Contemporary

second session

Anda Rottenberg (Poland), coordinator
Maja Ciric (Serbia), Mind the Gap. Towards a defined Methodology of Curatorial Practice
Santa Nastro (Italy), Building a strategic Development: Fund raising for Contemporary Art?
Jovana Stokic (Serbia/U.S.A.), Off center Femininities from the “Blind Spot of Europe”
Igor Spanjol (Slovenia), Virtual Curator?
Melih Gorgun and Mahir Namur (Turkey), Sinopale 1. The Sinop Biennial
Branko Franceschi (Croatia), The Culture Hero
Iara Boubnova (Bulgaria), Contemporary Art Biennial in Neo-Capitalist Society

third session

Janka Vukmir (Croatia), coordinator, the Art of Attitude
Alena Boika (Belarus), Slightly organized anarchy as a model for any kind of art production
Breda Beban (Serbia/United Kingdom), imagine art after
Eva Fabbris (Italy), Curated by: Marcel Duchamp
Daniele Capra (Italy), Against the aesthetics of funny
Ivana Bago (Croatia), A Case Study: Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb
Maria Vassileva (Bulgaria), Are Museums in the Position to go Beyond their representative Functions?
Vasja Nagy (Slovenia), Autonomous spaces of social and artistic activities in Slovenia

special events

‘The most beautiful Woman in Gucha’, film by Breda Beban presented at Nuova Icona (Giudecca 454) in collaboration with Nuova Icona and with the partecipation of Dubravka Cherubini, Branko Franceschi and Vittorio Urbani.

‘Continental Brekfast per concerto’, 2007
Concert for Palazzo Zorzi, music by Puccio Migliaccio.
Violin Pietro Costantini, drums Puccio Migliaccio, Cesare D’Este.