19 january 2011

opening on saturday the 19th of february

the new sculptures by gianpietro carlesso come to trieste

Gianpietro Carlesso, Curvatura dodici (curvature # 12), 2010
cedar of Libanon,  corian, cm. 112 x 112 x 180
photo Matteo Carlesso

For the first time, Gianpietro Carlesso is working on a project for a personal exhibition for the city of Trieste.  The exhibition CURVATURE  (CURVATURES), which will open on February 19 at the Studio Tommaseo, will show the most recent work of this extraordinary sculptor who, with amazing simplicity, demonstrates to  contemporary man how the concentrated energy of stone can evoke inexhaustible  interrogatives on the sense of being.  
Carlesso, who was born in Bolzano and graduated in Urbino  returns to Italy after a long German parentheses which included the prestigious stipendium Wilhelm Lehbruck of Diusburg, and courageously makes Cormons, a small town in the area of Gorizia, the starting base for  his intense and vigorous international artistic activity.  The corpus  of his works, organized in cycles,  often of large dimensions and designed to be inserted in a natural environment ( as in the recent case of the work  “Isola felix”, placed on a lake of high altitude in Zell am See, on the Alps surrounding Salzburg) now leads to the series Curvature, of which in Trieste we will see the powerful number 11, in marble of Lasa, number 12, in cedar of Lebanon and corian, and number 13, in “Nero Vallone” marble.
A series of in-depth encounters and a catalogue-project with the contribution of scholars of various disciplines will accompany the exhibition, which will be open until the 9th of April.