15 november 2011

i stand exposed – special event 1: atej tutta

conversation with atej tutta - screening of atelje

Atej Tutta, Atelje

Atelje (Atelier) is a theater piece inspired by the life of Karla Bulovec Mrak, a slovenian sculptor of the 20ies. It focuses on her intimate conflict about becoming a mother or choosing for the path of arts. Dealing with this main issue of her life, the play shows in both symbolic and narrative ways the social and inner world of the artist. 
Atelje is also a film that relates to the performance, but into a renewed language gets a life in itself, an independent form. Into a renewed stage, the film acquires autonomy from the narrative structure of the theater piece, and the cinematographic language reveals new deep and unconscious aspects of the human nature in a connection with the fragility of bodies gestures, details of the actors' intimacy, inner and real sounds.

Trieste, Studio Tommaseo, via del Monte 2/1
Saturday, November 19th, 6.00 pm