30 july 2022

libraries and museums

Believing that the directors of libraries and museums cannot be without specific professional requirements for this crucial role of planning, management and cultural enhancement, Trieste Contemporanea adheres to the appeal addressed to the Mayor of Trieste by more than two hundred citizens with the letter of 30 July 2022 that you can read here.
Since, given the great demand, the promoters of the letter Giuliana Carbi, Veit Heinichen, Ariella Reggio and Nicoletta Zanni have decided to keep the possibility of signing this appeal open, we inform those who have not already done so that:
You can subscribe to the appeal both individually and as a stakeholder group by sending your name and surname (or the name of the organisation / association of people) to the e-mail address
The new signatures will be collected by the first proposers and delivered to the Mayor by October 2022 in addition to those previously collected.

P. S. Since we would like to prepare a conference to discuss more in depth the situation of libraries and civic museums in Italy (also possibly with European comparisons), if you are aware that a similarly serious transition is happening in your city or if, on the other hand, innovative best-practices for the management of libraries and civic museums have recently been adopted, please inform us. Thank you very much for your help.