30 november 2023

vladimir nikolić guest of the piccolo festival dell’animazione #16

video projection and conversation, in trieste contemporanea at 6 pm

Vladimir Nikolić will be present on Thursday 30 November in Trieste in a special event as part of the sixteenth edition of the “Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione” by Viva Comix. The event (at Studio Tommaseo at 6 pm) is organised as part of the Trieste programme of the Festival: an unmissable opportunity for the animation audience to dialogue with the Belgrade-born artist and to watch and comment on some of the cornerstones of his renowned video production with the artist himself, Festival curator Paola Bristot and Giuliana Carbi Jesurun, who invited Nikolić to present his video installation “Rhythm” in a solo exhibition (which can be visited until 29 November at Studio Tommaseo). Read more about the exhibition Rhythm.
The selection of projections planned during the PFA conversation features the videos “Painting” from 2009 and “An Act in Space” from 2013, two works in which the Serbian artist is particularly close to the process of constructing an animation video.

Vladimir Nikolić, An Act in Space, video, 2013, 3’45”, still from video, courtesy of the artist

The Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione is organised by Viva Comix Association under the artistic direction of Paola Bristot. As the voting for the awards in San Vito al Tagliamento has just closed, the 2023 international festival of animated shorts – over 80 short films in competition but also meetings, exhibitions and shows – offers further appointments in Pordenone, Udine, Staranzano, Gorizia and Trieste. In Trieste, on the evening of 30 November, the PFA programme continues thanks to the partnerships with “La Cappella Underground of Trieste ” at Teatro dei Fabbri (via dei Fabbri, 2/A) where at 8.30 pm, a “Best Off” of the Festival will present the films of Competition 1.