from 26 to 28 May 2016

three evenings / three films

Studio Tommaseo, via del Monte 2/1
from 7 pm to 8.30 pm

curators Ruggero Calich and Virginia Dordei

organized by Trieste Contemporanea
in collaboration with Studio Tommaseo
and the partecipation of Jean-Paul Fargier, Claudius Films e Bolombolo Atelier

Trieste Contemporanea proposes, for the second edition of, three appointments with documentaries about art. The first film will be screened on Wednesday 27th May 2016, at the Studio Tommaseo, to continue until Saturday 28th May 2016. Before the first screening there will be a short introduction by the film critic and journalist Ruggero Calich.


free entry
screenings will be in English


Thursday 26th May, 2016
7pm – Introduction by Ruggero Calich
7.15pm – Bill Viola, Expérience de l’Infini, 2013, Jean-Paul Fargier, France, 52’.
A pioneer of video art, Bill Viola never ceases to push the boundaries of reality and the limits of our perceptions. Life, death, transcendence, time, space – these are questions that he has chosen to broach through a medium which is always reinventing itself. This film enables us to understand the spiritual journey, the artistic quest and the technological experimentation of one who has been described as a “sculptor of time”. He was interviewed by Jean-Paul Fargier in his Los Angeles studio, along with his partner and collaborator Kira Perov. Their words are interwoven with enlightened analyses from seven great Viola experts: Raymond Bellour, Nadeije Dagen, Anne-Marie Dugeut, Alain Fleischer, Jean de Loisy, Valentina Valentini, as well as Jérôme Neutres, co-curator of the Bill Viola survey exhibition at the Grand Palais. Together they offer us the keys to Viola’s unique and visionary world.

Friday 27th May, 2016
7pm – Four Years of Night, 2013, Itamar Alcalay, Israel, 53’
The director Itamar Alcalay narrates the life of the photographer Esaias Baitel, born in Sweden from a father survived from Auschwitz, who documented for four years (1977-1981) a violent Parisian neo-Nazi gang. At age twenty-seven, in Malmo, he decided to become a photographer, and set out on a journey in search of his torn identity. In the late 1970s, this journey brought him to Paris, where he met the gang. Having gained their trust, he was able to get close to them. Living among the gang members, he witnessed horrific events, and while hiding his real identity, he photographed a one-of-a-kind collection of gripping stills. Over thirty years have passed. Esaias Baitel has laid his camera down. In the film he returns to the dark nights he spent in the City of Lights, the city where he lived a double life, going back and forth from the gang to the young family he had just started. The film shows unpredictable compassion and humanity towards those who have done the most terrible deeds. In between past and present, in expressive black-and-white, a rare and sensitive artist is revealed – an artist whose work shines a light in the heart of darkness.

Saturday 28th May, 2016
7pm – #artoffline, 2015, Manuel Correa, Norway, 58’

With the timely and revealing documentary #artoffline, Atelier Bolombolo documents the current state of the contemporary art world's crisis, while featuring interviews with leading artists, curators, philosophers and art critics. Can the internet change the way art is controlled in terms of reception, production and distribution? During this documentary, it becomes apparent that despite enormous resistance, digital technologies have effectively transformed the experience of art forever.
Shot in Vancouver and in Berlin during the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary art, the documentary takes us behind the scenes, and inside the ideas that are already shaping the art of tomorrow. #artoffline is divided in seven exploratory chapters (Experience, Digital Natives, The Art Market, Curation, Art Education, Homogenization and Futures) which provide an insider’s view of the contemporary art-world, and explore the significance of audiences choosing experience art primarily through digital devices.